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Vabariigi Presidendi Kantselei toetab Vabariigi Presidenti seadusest tulenevate ülesannete täitmisel. Kantselei korraldab Vabariigi Presidendi riigisisest ja -välist suhtlemist, juhib infovahetust meedia, avalikkuse ja teiste partneritega, valmistab ette õigusakte, haldab Vabariigi Presidendi valitsemisele kuuluvat riigivara ning täidab teisi ülesandeid.

A. Weizenbergi 39
15050 Tallinn

tel. 631 6202
faks:631 6250

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Trump’s Transactional. And Estonia’s President Is Cool With It. The Atlantic

The tiny nation of Estonia literally tests the limits of NATO, perched as it is on the military bloc’s border with Russia.

It’s a precarious place to be when President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed reluctance to defend members of the alliance in the event of an attack.

And its people are all too familiar with attacks: The Soviet Union occupied the country during World War II, and Russia is thought to have waged one of the world’s first acts of state-sponsored cyberwarfare against it in 2007. After Vladimir Putin invaded and annexed part of nearby Ukraine in 2014, Estonia is where Barack Obama stated unequivocally that NATO’s eastern-European members could count on the armed forces of the United States in their hour of need.

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