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The “time is now or never” for Central Europe to grasp Three Seas opportunity, Estonia’s president says, New Atlanticist

Now that an investment fund to fuel the development of stronger cross-border transportation, energy, and digital infrastructure links in Central and Eastern Europe has been launched, countries in the region “need to quickly decide” whether they want to participate before the opportunity vanishes, according to Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid.

The Three Seas Investment Fund has been now been backed by an offer from the United States to invest up to $1 billion into the Initiative and the next Three Seas Summit will take place in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn in June. Kaljulaid argued that “everybody understands that the train has been built and is ready to leave the station.” Should governments in the region continue to delay paying into the Fund, they will risk missing out on potential projects and private investment, Kaljulaid warned at an Atlantic Council event on March 4. “If you are late, I am sorry but the cake [will] be eaten.”

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