Estonian Home Beautification Association
The objective of the home beautification movement, launched by the President of the Republic, is to make Estonia a better place to live and improve the overall appearance of the country. The Estonian Home Beautification Association holds an annual competition. The President of the Republic presents awards to the winners in August.

Carolin Illenzeer Fund
The aim of the Carolin Illenzeer Fund is to collect financial and social assistance resources to support the children of the members of the Estonian Defence Forces who have either died in combat or in service, or who have been heavily injured. The guiding principles of the foundation are kindness and good will in order to help cover schooling costs or hobby education fees for the children of the members of the Estonian Defence Forces who have fought for their country.

Lennart Meri Conference
The Lennart Meri Conference is one of the biggest regional forums on foreign and security policy issues for the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States, attended by the leading analysts and politicians from Europe and other regions of the world to discuss important foreign policy topics and seek solutions to pressing security problems. The conference is organised by the International Centre for Defence Studies and the Lennart Meri European Foundation. The first Lennart Meri Memorial Conference was held in March 2007 in Tallinn. Since 2008 the event has been called the Lennart Meri Conference. President Lennart Meri died on 14 March 2006. Lennart Meri was President of the Republic of Estonia from 1992-2001.