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Cultural Foundation of the President of the Republic announces the Young Athlete’s Prize


The First Lady's Foundation of the Cultural Foundation of the President of the Republic is announcing the spring application round for the Young Athlete's Prize. The deadline for the submission of applications is 9 April 2012 (incl. date on postal stamp). The prize per recipient will be up to 3,200 euros.

The prize is intended to acknowledge young, under-21-year-olds with very good academic achievements. The prize is earmarked for the young people's training and competition costs. The size of the price will be decided, considering the limits specified above, by the First Lady's Foundation's advisory board.

Candidates for the prize may be nominated by the young athletes' coaches, instructors, schools, sports clubs, sports associations and the members of the advisory board of the First Lady's Foundation.

In order to apply for the prize, the applicant is asked to:

· submit a written application with personal data and a short biography;
· justify the need for the grant (description of the relevant programme or athletic career path);
· submit the young athlete's educational results (copies of certificates, study book, etc.);
· submit a letter of recommendation and assessment from the school and submit recommendations from coaches, instructors, sports clubs or sports associations.

The advisory board of the First Lady's Foundation may, if appropriate, consult and ask exerts of other spheres to award the prize. The advisory board of the First Lady's Foundation has the right to request additional information about the candidate and visit the applicant's school, sports club, sports association or other such organisations.

Additional information about the award is available at www.president.ee

All the documents related to the application for the prize shall be sent to the First Lady's Foundation at the Office of the President of the Republic (A. Weizenbergi 39, Tallinn 15050).

The Young Athlete's prize is financed by Nordea Bank.

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