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Online hackaton Hack the Crisis


Welcome, everybody!

I am very happy tonight to welcome the international community, which is trying to fight this difficult situation that all societies are finding themselves in. Now is the time to prove the concept that we have been trying out for 20 years here in Estonia.

For 20 years we have been transforming digitally and now we are a digitally transformed nation. We have to help each other in this crisis. Not only the government or the crisis committee have to work to resolve our problems--it has to be ourselves and our digital community, of which I am a great fan, that has gathered together and thought of ideas. I am quite sure that some of these ideas will be workable and that some of these ideas will save lives.

If even one life is saved by you today by taking this action, I will be extremely grateful. Also, you are keeping up hope – doing something in this crisis is very important. Being together with others even if we are physically distant, is also very important. We are humans and we care for each other by looking for solutions for each other.

Digital nations know how to find these solutions.

Thank you all and I hope you will have really great ideas.