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On Mother’s Day in Tallinn


Dear Mother, this letter is to you. And to all other mothers, both in Estonia and farther afield, but to Estonia’s mothers especially.

We all have a mother. Many of us are mothers ourselves. It is so ordinary, being a mother. Motherhood includes so much mundane life that repeats day after day, becoming more and more difficult as the child grows and as the number of your children increases. A mother is so plain to understand. Of course, a mother must be plain to understand for her children. A child’s little soul shouldn’t actually realise that having a good mother is a blessing. However, every child grows up over time. Now is the time to realise that a good mother is a great blessing; is incredible fortune and a gift from fate.

Through this understanding – knowing that a good mother is a great blessing – we can recognise a child who has grown up. We are all children who have grown up. We have all realised what a blessing a good mother is. All of us who have our own children have realised that it is just as great a blessing to be a good mother.

Society’s attitude towards mothers must be born of this understanding. Mothers are not mundane. A mother’s work in raising her children is nothing to which society simply has a right; which society can just demand of women. Motherhood is a choice. How to become a mother, and how to be that mother are also choices.

Every child counts. Every mother counts. Every mother and child’s joy is important. Every mother and child’s joy is special. Unfortunately, worries are also just as important and just as special. Every child’s worry. Every mother’s worry. Society can show it cares by sharing these worries. Shared worries are diminished, and shared joys become greater. A caring society that notices will endure precisely because it diminishes every worry and makes every joy greater.

A caring society that notices does not have to think about sustainable diminishing. A caring and understanding society will flourish from its own inner strength. Children are of the utmost importance in a caring and understanding society, because that is what all children’s mothers believe. Children who are cared for grow up to be caring adults in turn, having enough attention to go around for people young and old, and for those dealing with big problems. Caring for one’s children means caring for Estonia. Caring for our mothers means caring for Estonia.

Every mother wants her work to be seen: the way she dresses her children up nicely and sends them up onto a stage, then dries away tears from the corner of her eyes behind the door in a t-shirt. Mothers expect this to be noticed by fathers and by children so that their work as a mother isn’t taken for granted. However, they also expect this to be noticed by society as a whole in just the same way. They expect it of their employers and the leaders of the state, but also of our writers and artists; of those who write in the Estonian language.

With today’s concert, we – the Estonian Male Choir Association, the Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir, the Reaalmažoor Youth Orchestra, all the soloists, and finally also I, the President of the Republic of Estonia – wish to show that we care. We care about all mothers of Estonia, unconditionally and with many warm hugs. Dear Mother, and all dear mothers! Please do us the honour of listening to how we care for you.