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The Office of the President of the Republic provides administrative support to the President in the performance of the President’s official duties. Among other functions, the Office of the President of the Republic organises the President’s domestic and foreign relations, is responsible for media and public relations and liaisons with other partners, drafts legal acts, and manages state property in the area of administration of the President.

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Joint Statement of the Presidents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland on Belarus 23 August 2021, Kyiv

A year ago, in August 2020, the citizens of Belarus hoped that they have the right to determine the future of their country in free elections. The Belarus’ authorities did not listen to their voices. Participants in the peaceful popular movement, unprecedented in recent history of the country, have been punished by imprisonment, exile or silencing. Hope has been replaced by fear and spreading repressions. We stand in solidarity with all the people of Belarus, who are restricted in their rights in their homeland.

We witness with growing concern the violation of the rights of Belarus’ citizens abroad. Ryanair flight 4978 forced landing was an act of state hijack and unprecedented violation of international law, shall not be tolerated.

Since June, we have been facing hybrid attacks on the European Union’s and NATO’s eastern border. Vulnerable citizens from third countries are being used to fuel illegal border crossings from Belarus. This is not a migrant crisis but a politically orchestrated hybrid operation by Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s regime to divert attention from the regime’s growing human and civil rights abuses. We condemn this unacceptable behavior. Futile pressure and reckless actions will not change our agreed policy on the crisis in Belarus.

We appreciate our EU partners and NATO allies for their solidarity, political and operational support in stopping hybrid attacks. Efforts made by the European Commission and EU agencies to stem irregular migration are of utmost importance. Additionally, we seek continued cooperation as well as sustainable solutions with Iraq and other countries in order to stop malicious scheme of human smuggling.

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