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President Kaljulaid at the awarding of state decorations: gratitude and acknowledgement is more important than ever

President Kaljulaid at the awarding of state decorations: gratitude and acknowledgement is more important than ever © Mattias Tammet/Office of the President


„Estonia is grateful to you. And it is my pleasure to be the intermediary – because someone somewhere felt that what you are doing is so important, the whole nation should be told about it," President Kersti Kaljulaid said today at the ceremony of awarding Estonian state decorations.

„Perhaps today, in 2020, gratitude and acknowledgement seem even more important than before. In the current era, anyone who puts their neck on the line to share something with the public, argue against something or advocate for something risks coming under fire, drawing criticism they do not deserve,“ President Kaljulaid added.

Yet according to President Kaljulaid we have so much to be thankful for here in Estonia. “We’re very fortunate that we have people among us who have made the last 30 years go so well for us. We have been particularly lucky that at a time when most of us are rushing forwards, trying to be frontrunners, some of us are bringing up the rear, waiting for the people who missed out on the wild ride over the last three decades, waiting for them to catch up. Some who have not forgotten the weaker members of society even when the elite was consumed by a serious obsession with success and refused to see that Estonia’s social development, the development of a compassionate state, was significantly lagging behind its economic development,” said President Kaljulaid.

“And precisely because of this, I believe that this day devoted to gratitude on the eve of our national Independence Day has special meaning. Just like the helpers never gave up – until the point of their efforts was no longer lost on society – hopefully those who acknowledge, notice and recognise will also not grow weary,” added the Head of State.

According to President Kaljulaid she often thinks about the people who make life in Estonia worth living. „A life worth living for disabled children or a solitary elderly person. The people who make life fun and rewarding for people who thirst for culture and entertainment. And of course, those who make it possible for many people in Estonia to earn their daily bread in good working conditions with growing wages, those who undertake to teach our children in schools and so on. The sense of gratitude to one’s people is what makes the working days for a president of Estonia beautiful and memorable,“ the Head of State added.

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