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President Kaljulaid at YES: Ukraine can become the next success story


Developments in Ukraine could show the rest of the world the way and who can say that Ukraine can`t be the next global success story, president Kaljulaid said at the Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting in Kyiv.

According to president Kaljulaid the liberal democratic world is a turbulent place right now: “Rising inequalities and the lack of social mobility, which makes bad luck hereditary, breed disappointment and create an active search for radical change. The search is loud and visible, uncomfortable, but the new consensus is nowhere to be seen.” Ukraine is striving to convince their citizens to continuously work for the reforms to deliver for them something that people in the free western world nowadays doubt has ever been delivered, president Kaljulaid stated.

It is totally different if I compare it to 30 years ago when Estonia set out with its reform program, president Kaljulaid explained, but on the other hand this is something that is also Ukraine`s opportunity.  “This tells us that it is still worth to see how our societies can be made better and more equal, how to solve the current problems. If you want it, then it has to be worth it and I see here a story arising for the Ukraine for the future: it was the country that believed in human rights and democratic values. While everybody else was doubting you succeeded,” the Head of State of Estonia said.

“Sometimes people ask me why should we stand up for Ukraine because they are not doing their homework. I say that 30 years ago when you were supporting Estonia`s development, you didn`t do it because you thought that at some point we will be a digital wonderland and you can learn something useful from us. So, what tells you that Ukraine is not the next place globally where these developments will show us the way?” president Kaljulaid said, hoping that Ukraine will find its story.

You can find the full speech here.

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