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President Kaljulaid in Ukraine: the war in Ukraine must not become inevitable

President Kaljulaid in Ukraine: the war in Ukraine must not become inevitable © Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia

The President of the Republic met today in Kiev, within the framework of an official visit, with the Head of State of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. The main issues discussed at the meeting included co-operation between the two countries, the development of Ukraine and the progress of reforms, energy security in Europe, and the war in Eastern Ukraine and the situation in occupied Crimea.

"The histories of our countries have a lot in common. The situation in Ukraine is complicated today and they have our full support. We must call things by their correct names – there is a war in Eastern Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula has been occupied by Russia. This is a burden today that holds Ukraine back from developing at its desired speed," said President Kaljulaid after meeting with her Ukrainian colleague and emphasised that the western world must not get used to the war and occupation and start treating these as something inevitable. According to her, it's important to stick to the Minsk agreements and for the other countries to remain uniformly behind the sanctions imposed on Russia.

The Head of State acknowledged the administration of Ukraine for the reforms implemented recently, which included pension and health care systems reforms. "It is not easy to implement extensive reforms in a situation while a war is ongoing at one end of the country. However, there are no alternatives. Aside from the war, fighting corruption is another key issue that Ukraine needs to achieve in order to succeed. Laying down the principles of a state based on the rule of law and protection of investments are issues one cannot avoid when moving towards Europe, and this is something that the leaders of Ukraine know very well," said the Head of State. Estonia continues to support Ukraine's tighter integration with the Euro-Atlantic axis.

Over the years, Estonia has contributed considerable funds and experts to supporting Ukraine and its reform processes and in solving humanitarian problems; Ukraine is the biggest recipient of Estonia's development and humanitarian assistance and is the largest per capita donor in Ukraine.

President Kaljulaid in on an official visit to Ukraine where, apart from the President, she will meet with the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, and with members of the Parliament, representatives of third sector organisations and entrepreneurs. The Head of State will inspect the work of the Anti-Corruption Office and open a Estonian-Ukrainian business seminar. President Kaljulaid will also visit Eastern Ukraine within the framework of her visit.

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