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President Kaljulaid in Munich: NATO's policy towards Russia has been a success

President Kaljulaid in Munich: NATO's policy towards Russia has been a success
President Kaljulaid participating in the discussions.
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President Kersti Kaljulaid is currently at the Munich Security Conference in Germany where, in her address to the conference last evening, she analysed the activities carried out by NATO in recent years along the eastern wing of the alliance, and the impact of the enhanced presence of the allies in the three Baltic states and Poland.

"NATO has demonstrated, by its actions, that when it comes to real security challenges and a changed threat assessment, it can still make quick, bold and effective decisions. A 100% track record of successful deterrence is an effective tool in NATO's modus operandi. Decisions made since the occupation of Crimea and specific steps taken in the deployment of battle groups serve to confirm this fact," said the Head of State in the address that introduced the discussion. She also emphasised the importance of understanding that NATO is not in the Baltic states and Poland just to defend these four countries, but to defend itself. The deployment of battle groups in these four countries has been a success story, but deterrence is never final or finished and NATO needs to be ready to respond to possible changes in risk assessment."

According to the Head of State, NATO's current policy towards Russia can be deemed a success. "The security situation has remained stable over the last four years and this should be considered a success. We could, however, still argue whether mutual dialogue has improved; nevertheless, Russia definitely takes NATO more seriously than before," said President Kaljulaid.

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