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Estonian President Kaljulaid at COSAC: respecting subsidiarity will create solidarity in EU budget

Estonian President Kaljulaid at COSAC: respecting subsidiarity will create solidarity in EU budget © Riigikogu


"Better respect for the principles of subsidiarity will create in itself much space for solidarity in our budget," said President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid while welcoming the guests of the COSAC meeting in Tallinn, one of the biggest events of EU Council Presidency here in Estonia.

The President also explained that therefore Member States must also carefully comb through the current portfolio of expenditures and remove what is not respecting the principles of subsidiarity: "Spending from the 1% of GDP budget on projects and activities, which have no cross-border effect should be seriously limited.

President Kaljulaid also touched the subject of Brexit and populist voices that have made discussions about EU's future relevant again. "After a low point in 2016, it is now safe to state that EU does have a good future. I hope we will use this revived faith to insert some urgency in to our decision making, because otherwise the impetus might wane again," said the Estonian Head of State.

President Kaljulaid added that part of the reason why the support for the EU wavers among its citizens is the political messages: "It is very difficult on the one hand to criticize the EU and at the same time to claim that it is useful. The problem is not that people get the EU wrong. Rather that they get confusing and incoherent messages about it," concluded the Estonian Head of State and said that it is very important to give the European Union its due recognition for the possibilities it offers.

The speech was given in a plenary meeting of EU's Parliaments EU Committees (COSAC) today in Tallinn, Estonia. Today and tomorrow, representatives of the national parliaments of the European Union member states and representatives of the European Parliament meet in Tallinn, at Saku Arena, to discuss the issues relating to the future of the EU, the Digital Single Market, the external dimension of migration, security and the role of parliaments.

Full speech can be found HERE.