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President Kaljulaid meets with French head of state Emmanuel Macron in Kadriorg

President Kaljulaid meets with French head of state Emmanuel Macron in Kadriorg © Annika Haas/Office of the President of the Republic


This evening, President of the Republic Kersti Kaljulaid met with President Emmanuel Macron of France in Kadriorg. The main topics discussed during the meeting were cooperation between France and Estonia in the fields of security and IT and the future and potential reforms of the European Union.

"French soldiers are standing shoulder to shoulder with our troops here in Tapa right now and their fighters have been guarding, and will continue to guard, our airspace," President Kaljulaid said. "We're also working together on missions in Africa. There aren't many countries we work as closely with to safeguard our shared values and security." President Kaljulaid thanked her French colleague for his country's contribution.

President Macron and the Estonian Head of state also spoke at greater length about cooperation in the digital field. "For France, Estonia is one of those countries it's a priority to work with on IT," said President Kaljulaid. "Sharing our experience of e-governance and cooperating to ensure cybersecurity are areas we'll definitely be working more closely together in over the coming years," she added.

The heads of state also discussed the future of the European Union and issues related to reforms. "The European Union is our primary guarantee of freedom and independence, so it's in our interest for it to be as pro-active and as unified as possible," President Kaljulaid remarked, adding: "To us the EU doesn't just mean financial opportunities, but belonging to a space of shared values. We'll support the reforms that make the EU stronger."

During the meeting, the Estonian head of state presented her French colleague with a jar of honey collected from the beehives, which were introduced to the presidential rose garden this summer.

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