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President Kaljulaid: current paper processes are like fossil fuel

President Kaljulaid: current paper processes are like fossil fuel © Arno Mikkor


„In some ways, the current paper processes are like fossil fuel – they have formed over generations of people and lawmakers, getting more complex over time, more and more political compromises weaved in them as the bureaucracies grow," said president Kaljulaid at the opening of the Tallinn Digital Summit.

President Kaljulaid noted that the initiatives contained in the European Union's Digital Single Market Strategy could help to progress towards cross-border digital services on an EU-wide basis, based on the principles like once-only or digital by default. „The joint call to have this by 2018 is extremely important, because we have to maintain the pressure for final agreement on all these proposals, "president Kaljulaid said.

People will have to trust in the digital environment, for that reason ensuring privacy and cybersecurity has been a pre-requisite for building our digital government, continued President Kaljulaid.

„Remarkable amount of jobs created by technology development are surprisingly neutral to the occupations or educations in their nature. One might call them egalitarian opportunities even. Think of a youtuber, or someone selling handicrafts online, or renting their property via Airbnb, "said the President.

Our people offer services or sell goods globally, reside in one country or travel the globe without concrete residence, therefore we have to quickly think of ways to keep them connected to our social security networks, President Kaljulaid added.

The heads of government of EU member states have gathered in Tallinn today for the EU Digital Summit. The aim of the Summit is to serve as a platform for launching high-level discussions on plans for digital innovation for Europe to stay ahead of the technological curve and be a digital lead in the global world in the years to come.