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Peeter Kuimet will become Adviser to the President of the Republic on Security Issues


On 1 September, Peeter Kuimet will become the Adviser to the President of the Republic on Security Issues. The current Adviser on Security Issues, Merle Maigre, will take over as head of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in September.

“As an Adviser on Security Issues, I wish to exercise my current knowledge and skills to support the President of the Republic in her position as the supreme commander of national defence. I believe that the Head of State of the Republic of Estonia should not focus on military national defence and foreign relations alone, but rather all the spheres of national defence that have general importance,” said Kuimet.

Peeter Kuimet has previously worked as a journalist at the Postimees daily newspaper and has held various positions in the Ministry of Defence since 2007. In the last three years, Kuimet was in charge of the Defence Service Department of the Ministry and was involved with the development of human resources required for national defence, organisation of health care and national defence education.

Kuimet graduated from the University of Tartu in the speciality of journalism and public relations and has taken several in-service studies, including the Marshall Centre in Germany, and the Higher Command Studies Course of the Baltic Defence College. He passed service in the Estonian Defence Forces and is a reserve officer.

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