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President Kaljulaid met in Beirut today with the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, and the Prime Minister, Saad Harir

President Kaljulaid met in Beirut today with the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, and the Prime Minister, Saad Harir © Office of the President

At the meeting with the President of Lebanon, the Estonian Head of State congratulated President Aoun on taking office and acknowledged the skills of Lebanon in coping with huge challenges in such a complicated region. "Estonia is happy to share its experiences and substantial knowledge of building up a digital society," said President Kaljulaid at the meeting and invited the representatives of Lebanon to Estonia to learn more about the developments of our information society.

The President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, thanked Estonia for its contribution to the UNIFIL peace securing mission and expressed interest in Estonia's experiences with e-elections.

The meeting with the Prime Minister focused on security issues, including the crisis in Syria and the fight against terrorism and Daesh. It was also discussed how the European Union and international community in general could contribute to solving the crisis. "We both share a clear understanding that a joint contribution to the development of Lebanon is, in fact, a contribution to international security and our own safety. For this very reason, the events taking place in Lebanon will leave no one indifferent," said President Kaljulaid after the meeting with journalists.

The Head of State also met in Beirut with the representations of UN organisations to discuss the humanitarian situation in the region and the impact of the refugee crisis due to the war in Syria. "Over the last four years, Estonia has consistently contributed to solving the refugee crisis in Lebanon, financially so also. This is a small country that has to cope with a tremendous number of refugees and in the most complicated region of the world. The situation of Syrian refugees and giving support to Lebanon resolving the matter must remain in the focus of the international community," said President Kaljulaid. According to the Head of State, the situation of children who have escaped the war requires special attention, and they must be given access to education, in co-operation with the international community, to prevent them from becoming a lost generation.

The President of the Republic made a visit to Lebanon where she today met with the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, the Prime Minister, Saad Harir, and the Speaker of the Parliament, Nabih Berr. Tomorrow, the Head of State will meet with the members of the Estonian Defence Forces who are taking part in the UNIFIL mission.

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