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President of Estonia on the Treaty of Tartu: this is one of the most significant achievements of Estonian diplomacy

President of Estonia on the Treaty of Tartu: this is one of the most significant achievements of Estonian diplomacy © Sander Ilvest/Postimees


President Kersti Kaljulaid spoke of how it is our destiny to protect our security, at a reception in the Estonia Concert Hall today to mark the 97th anniversary of Tartu Peace Treaty. From and against what is something we learn again every morning.

According to the Head of State, the signing of the Treaty of Tartu 97 years ago was definitely not an elementary course of action. "However, the opportunity to secure a birth certificate for our country, as President Meri said, was realistic and enticing. It was worth taking the risk. Our diplomats decided to take the risk, responsibility and opportunity they saw," said the Head of State and added that the conclusion of a peace treaty with Russia was definitely one of the most outstanding achievements of Estonian diplomacy. "A good result was not guaranteed, but commitment to it helped to achieve our goal."

According to the Head of State, the international situation is also volatile today, and we must be ready to accept the fact that this generation of diplomats will always be required to respond efficiently.

"Unexpected developments are about to become standard. Co-operation is about to be replaced by confrontation, openness with reservations and walls are about to take the place of bridges. We need to adjust to all these changes. We need to be as agile and flexible as we were the year that the Tartu Peace Treaty was concluded or our independence was restored, which was followed by a period of attempting to secure NATO and the European Union membership," said President Kaljulaid.

The President of the Republic stated in her speech that we have spoken a lot recently about security. "In fact, we should speak more about peace. Our allies will not come to Estonia with elevated preparedness for war but instead to ensure peace in Europe. The Baltic and Nordic countries must together bust the myth of the Baltic Sea region being more at risk than during the cold war in West Berlin. Peace needs to be protected and asserted each day. Words have never been enough for that purpose; we have always needed equipment and armies," recalled the Head of State.

The full text of the speech by the President can be read here.

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