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President Kaljulaid to open the Slush international technology conference in Helsinki today

President Kaljulaid to open the Slush international technology conference in Helsinki today
Official opening party of Slush will take place at the heart of Helsinki nightlife - Kaiku club.
© Gunnar Grímsson


President Kersti Kaljulaid will today embark on a two-day visit to Finland, which will focus on the opening of the region's largest technology conference, Slush, with an opening event, Enter e-Estonia, being organised by Estonia.

Tonight, the Head of State will give an address at the official opening reception for Slush, which is being organised by Enterprise Estonia, e-Residency and the Tallinn Music Week festival. Tomorrow, President Kaljulaid will meet at Slush with entrepreneurs and technology pioneers from both Estonia and other countries. In the afternoon, the Head of State will attend a reception at the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki with ambassadors accredited to Estonia who reside in Helsinki.

Slush is the largest technology conference in the region and takes place from 30 November to 1 December in Helsinki. It brings together start-up enterprises, investors and various technology gurus from both Europe and further afield. More than 2,000 start-up companies, 800 investors and 700 journalists from more than 100 countries are expected to take part in the conference. This year, Estonians have the honour of organising the official opening party of the technology conference in Kallio, in the three-chamber club complex of Kuudes Linja, Kaiku and Stidilä. To date, this is the largest Estonian initiative within the framework of international Slush events and our e-governance representatives and enterprises, the city of Tartu and the music sector will contribute.

You can later take a look at pictures of opening event of Slush here:

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