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Liia Hänni to become Adviser to the President of the Republic

Liia Hänni to become Adviser to the President of the Republic
Liia Hänni (in the foreground).
© Raigo Pajula


Liia Hänni, an expert on e-democracy, will become an Adviser to the President of the Republic. Ms Hänni will take responsibility for education, research, information society and democracy issues.

For the past 11 years, Ms Hänni has led the e-democracy programme of the e-Governance Academy of the Republic of Estonia, which serves the purpose of improving and innovating the operating mechanisms of democracy within society and governance by means of information and communication technology. Ms Hänni is also actively involved in civic endeavours.

"Democracy by definition is open and based on the participation of citizens, and has always been close to my heart. I place great importance on the fact that we all share ownership of the state," Ms Hänni told.

Liia Hänni (PhD) graduated from the University of Tartu with a major in physics. She has worked, in depth, with issued related to restoring the Republic of Estonia, having been a member of specific work groups and Chairwoman of the Wording Committee of the Constitutional Assembly. She was elected as a deputy of both the Supreme Council and the Congress of Estonia in 1990. She was elected to the VII, VIII and IX membership of the Riigikogu; in 1992-1995, she was the minister in charge for the implementation of ownership reforms. Ms Hänni has been awarded Order of the National Coat of Arms, 2nd Class.

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