kantseleisOffice of the President
of the Republic

The Office of the President of the Republic provides administrative support to the President in the performance of the President’s official duties. Among other functions, the Office of the President of the Republic organises the President’s domestic and foreign relations, is responsible for media and public relations and liaisons with other partners, drafts legal acts, and manages state property in the area of administration of the President.

A. Weizenbergi 39
15050 Tallinn

Tel. 631 6202
Faks:631 6250


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Interview for the Latvian Public Broadcast

The half-hour English-language interview is very wide-ranging, including such topics as domestic violence, visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin, support for vulnerable members of society, plans for Estonia's co-ordination of the Nordic-Baltic 8 group next year, concepts of national and Baltic identity and much more.

You can watch the video here: https://eng.lsm.lv/article/features/video/interview-estonian-president-kersti-kaljulaid.a337618/

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