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The Office of the President of the Republic provides administrative support to the President in the performance of the President’s official duties. Among other functions, the Office of the President of the Republic organises the President’s domestic and foreign relations, is responsible for media and public relations and liaisons with other partners, drafts legal acts, and manages state property in the area of administration of the President.

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15050 Tallinn

Tel. 631 6202
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Estonia’s President Wants To Lead The OECD’s Digital Revolution, Forbes

Kersti Kaljulaid, the current President of Estonia, is running to become the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) next Secretary-General. As digital governance is in her blood, she could be key in leading the OECD's digital revolution in the post-Covid world.

She is one of three women running for the role, along with Cecilia Malmstrom of Sweden and Anna Diamantopoulou of Greece. One of them could become the first one to ever lead the EOCD since its creation, in 1961. There are a total of 10 people running. Kaljulaid was also the first woman to ever be elected as President of Estonia. "I'm a very technocratic person. So no, for me, this [being the first woman President] is irrelevant," she said, "This is relevant to my people here in this country, because now little girls, when they go to kindergarten, and they draw their president, they draw a woman in a skirt."

Estonia is one of the world's most advanced digital governments, and as such, Kaljulaid would like to advance the OECD's perception of digital policy, whether it has to do with taxation, digital ID, or remote work.

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