Interviews Thu, 15 Apr 2021 13:29:40 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Europe needs to be ‘assertive’ with Russia, says Estonia’s president, Financial Times Kersti Kaljulaid praises Nato for putting ‘boots on the ground’ in Baltic region. 

The Baltic states are safer and better defended than they were when Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 as Europe has woken up to the need for it to be “assertive” in dealing with Moscow, according to Estonia’s president.

Kersti Kaljulaid told the Financial Times: “European countries are collectively realising that while, during the cold war, our regional risk was everyone’s global worry, which is Russia, [now] Russia is an economy which looks smaller and smaller, its demographics are bad — we need to be assertive and able to deal with our regional risks ourselves. Of course, always supported by our transatlantic bond.” Ms Kaljulaid argued that in recent decades “times have moved on”, and that the US was rightly keeping more of an eye on China and how “it plans to use its economic might in geopolitical games”.

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Estonia’s President Wants To Lead The OECD’s Digital Revolution, Forbes Kersti Kaljulaid, the current President of Estonia, is running to become the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) next Secretary-General. As digital governance is in her blood, she could be key in leading the OECD's digital revolution in the post-Covid world.

She is one of three women running for the role, along with Cecilia Malmstrom of Sweden and Anna Diamantopoulou of Greece. One of them could become the first one to ever lead the EOCD since its creation, in 1961. There are a total of 10 people running. Kaljulaid was also the first woman to ever be elected as President of Estonia. "I'm a very technocratic person. So no, for me, this [being the first woman President] is irrelevant," she said, "This is relevant to my people here in this country, because now little girls, when they go to kindergarten, and they draw their president, they draw a woman in a skirt."

Estonia is one of the world's most advanced digital governments, and as such, Kaljulaid would like to advance the OECD's perception of digital policy, whether it has to do with taxation, digital ID, or remote work.

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Remote working will challenge the very basis of states, The Wired By Kersti Kaljulaid, the president of the Republic of Estonia 

IT TOOK A PANDEMIC FOR US TO REALISE that the world’s 20th-century model of production, in which people huddled into large enterprises, honed specialities and shared their competences with co-workers, was no longer working. 2020 has shown that many people are able to study, work and organise their everyday life independently from their habitual geographical location. The online world has made borders redundant and this challenges the very nature of nation states. In 2021, states will have to respond.

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„Ich habe Verständnis für das, was Schweden getan hat“, Welt Estlands Staatschefin Kersti Kaljulaid sorgt sich um die Sicherheit vor Nachbar Russland. Donald Trump verzeiht sie deshalb seine Ausfälle gegen Europa – das ihre Erwartungen nicht in allen Bereichen erfüllt. Auch bei Corona hat sie eine ungewöhnliche Einstellung.

Die estnische Präsidentin Kersti Kaljulaid ist ungefähr so lange im Amt wie Donald Trump – und seither fordert sie, dass Europa sich besser gegen Russland rüstet. Im Gegensatz zu Deutschland gibt ihr Land jedes Jahr deutlich mehr als zwei Prozent der Wirtschaftsleistung für Verteidigung aus – wie vom US-Präsidenten eingefordert.

WELT: Frau Präsidentin, wir wollen über Europas Verteidigung sprechen. Aber zunächst muss man sagen: Die größte globale Bedrohung derzeit heißt Corona. Was ist die beste Abwehrstrategie gegen eine mögliche zweite Welle?

Kersti Kaljulaid: Vor allem sollten wir unseren Bürgern vertrauen. Ich habe in gewisser Weise Verständnis für das, was Schweden getan hat: Das Land hat seine Bürger informiert und ihnen vertraut. Das sollten wir alle tun. Freie Bürger können selbst Entscheidungen treffen, die es uns ermöglichen, die Volkswirtschaften nicht wieder komplett herunterfahren zu müssen.

WELT: Ihr Land hatte in der ersten Welle strengen Maßnahmen ergriffen wie die meisten Staaten. Wie schwerwiegend sind die wirtschaftlichen Folgen?

Kaljulaid: Das wissen wir noch nicht. Es ist noch zu früh, um das Ausmaß des Abschwungs zu bestimmen. Ich würde aber nicht sagen, dass wir es viel besser machen als andere. Bevor wir uns gegenseitig gratulieren, sollten wir zugeben, dass wir ein bisschen Glück hatten und vorgewarnt waren.

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'You really have to stand up for yourself': Estonia's first woman president on gender and politics, NBC “People have to learn that the presidents may look different, prime ministers also, maybe women over 40...” Kersti Kljulaid said. “You cannot look at the person and decide who they are. This is extremely important.”

As Estonia’s first woman president and youngest-ever head of state, Kersti Kljulaid has shattered the glass ceiling in the Baltic nation. But that doesn’t mean her rise in politics has been without challenges.

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The “time is now or never” for Central Europe to grasp Three Seas opportunity, Estonia’s president says Now that an investment fund to fuel the development of stronger cross-border transportation, energy, and digital infrastructure links in Central and Eastern Europe has been launched, countries in the region “need to quickly decide” whether they want to participate before the opportunity vanishes, according to Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid.

The Three Seas Investment Fund has been now been backed by an offer from the United States to invest up to $1 billion into the Initiative and the next Three Seas Summit will take place in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn in June. Kaljulaid argued that “everybody understands that the train has been built and is ready to leave the station.” Should governments in the region continue to delay paying into the Fund, they will risk missing out on potential projects and private investment, Kaljulaid warned at an Atlantic Council event on March 4. “If you are late, I am sorry but the cake [will] be eaten.”

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Exclusive: president of Estonia visits POLITICO HQ Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid has an idea for driving misinformation off the internet: Stop granting people anonymity.

— Kaljulaid drew on the lessons of her Baltic nation, which gives each citizen a digital ID to access government services online. A similar approach, she said, could help prove internet users are indeed real. “To a certain extent, it’s totally unfair blaming all these private sector companies for what is going on, because, I am sorry, the problem is anonymity,” she added. “You can only drive out anonymity from [the] internet through digital identification, and since digital ID is a passport, it can only be guaranteed by a legal power, which is states.” Several European nations have some form of digital ID program, including Germany, Italy and Finland. No such effort is underway in the U.S.

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« Nous ne pouvons pas oublier que la Crimée est toujours occupée », plaide la présidente estonienne, Le Monde Kersti Kaljulaid, en visite en France, au Forum pour la paix, revient sur les « différences d’opinion » qu’elle a, à l’instar de nombreux dirigeants baltes et est-européens, avec Emmanuel Macron au sujet du dialogue avec la Russie.

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Interview for the Latvian Public Broadcast The half-hour English-language interview is very wide-ranging, including such topics as domestic violence, visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin, support for vulnerable members of society, plans for Estonia's co-ordination of the Nordic-Baltic 8 group next year, concepts of national and Baltic identity and much more.

You can watch the video here:

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Trump’s Transactional. And Estonia’s President Is Cool With It. The Atlantic The tiny nation of Estonia literally tests the limits of NATO, perched as it is on the military bloc’s border with Russia.

It’s a precarious place to be when President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed reluctance to defend members of the alliance in the event of an attack.

And its people are all too familiar with attacks: The Soviet Union occupied the country during World War II, and Russia is thought to have waged one of the world’s first acts of state-sponsored cyberwarfare against it in 2007. After Vladimir Putin invaded and annexed part of nearby Ukraine in 2014, Estonia is where Barack Obama stated unequivocally that NATO’s eastern-European members could count on the armed forces of the United States in their hour of need.

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UAE, Estonia can help other countries enter digital revolution, Khaleeji Times President Kaljulaid is currently visiting the UAE along with a business delegation.
The UAE and Estonia can work together to help other countries in entering the digital revolution, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid told Emirates News Agency (Wam) in an exclusive interview on Monday.

President Kaljulaid is currently visiting the UAE along with a business delegation taking part in the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi.

"Between governments, we can work together in development aid and, for example, help African countries leapfrog in using digital technologies," she said.

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Estonian president becomes first head of state to complete L’Étape du Tour, Cyclist The president of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, has become the first head of state to complete L’Étape du Tour in the event’s 26-year history, finishing the 135km course in a time of 8:54:04.

L’Étape du Tour is an annual mass participation event, organised by Tour de France organiser Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), that sees amateur riders tackle the full route of a single stage of that year’s Tour.

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Estonia Battles Its Elected Racists, Foreign Policy Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid speaks on how to stand up against the far-right.

The recent Financial Times interview with Vladimir Putin was a reminder of how closely Russia has become tied with anti-liberal interests across Europe. Putin described liberalism as “obsolete,” denigrated sexual minorities, and praised closed borders and ethnonationalist policies. Putin’s ideological allies, such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, have brought their countries geopolitically closer to Moscow in recent years.

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Estonia’s president calls on EU to work with Russian civil society, Euractiv Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid was in Paris for the French military parade on Bastille day (14 July). She participated in a working lunch organised at the Elysée on European defence issues. As a champion in cyber defence and digital services, Estonia is an important ally for France. EURACTIV’s partner Ouest-France reports.

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Estonian President to EU Centrists: Be a Voice for Disenfranchised, Voice of America As far-right nationalists look to expand their power in European Parliamentary elections taking place this weekend, Estonia’s president has some advice for politically embattled centrists: don’t blame Brussels for waning political support at home.

A once-shining example of democratic growth, progressive e-governance policies and a hotbed for start-ups and high-tech enterprise in the post-Soviet sphere, Estonia was faced with a groundswell of right-wing populism that rattled the centrist establishment when the Baltic nation’s far-right EKRE took 19 of 101 parliamentary posts in March elections.

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Racism, sexism, Nazi economics: Estonia's far right in power, Guardian Until recently seen as a model nation, Estonia’s politics are turning darker.

A shadowy “deep state” secretly runs the country. A smart immigration policy is “blacks go back”. Nazi Germany wasn’t all bad. None of these statements would be out of place in the darker corners of far-right blogs anywhere in the world. But in Estonia as of last month, they are among the views of government ministers.

Since emerging from the Soviet shadow three decades ago, Estonia has gained a reputation as a country with a savvy focus on e-government, a vibrant free media and broadly progressive politics. But as in many European countries, Estonia’s far right has been edging upwards in the polls in recent years, and nobody was all that surprised when the nationalist EKRE party won 19 out of 101 seats in parliamentary elections in March. The real shock came a few weeks later when the prime minister, Jüri Ratas, invited EKRE to join a coalition government.

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Estonian President hits out at ‘white supremacist’ display with Le Pen, Euractiv The “white supremacist” views held by some Parliamentarians do not represent the views of the Estonian people, President Kersti Kaljulaid insisted on Wednesday (15 May) after populist MPs were pictured alongside France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Kaljulaid’s comments came after Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s Rassemblement National, was pictured alongside Ruuben Kaalep from the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) making the now infamous ‘OK,’ hand symbol, notorious for its association with white supremacist ideology.

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Estonia’s president plays down criticism over Putin meeting, Guardian Kersti Kaljulaid’s Moscow visit has provoked flurry of criticism from the other Baltic states.

Estonia’s president, Kersti Kaljulaid, has brushed off criticism of her recent visit to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin, the first meeting between the Russian president and a leader of one of the three Baltic states in nearly a decade.

“Talking to all neighbours is only natural, and it’s a bit unnatural that I have to explain it,” she told the Guardian, in an interview in Tallinn.

Kaljulaid visited Moscow last month to open Estonia’s renovated embassy in the Russian capital, but the centrepiece of her visit was a long meeting and working lunch with Putin in the Kremlin.

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'Our Government Is More Innovative', Der Spiegel The tiny Baltic nation of Estonia is a digital trailblazer. All public services are available online, saving the country millions of euros each year. President Kersti Kaljulaid spoke to DER SPIEGEL about Estonia's burgeoning IT industry, the free market and the perils of cyberwarfare.

In Estonia, public administration is completely digitalized. Residents can pay their taxes, register their cars and even set up a company online. It's not only convenient -- the country also saves around 2 percent of its gross domestic product by eliminating bureaucratic costs.

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Bangladesh Parliament model turns heads at exhibition on Louis Kahn at UNHQ, UNB United News of Bangladesh writes that a model of Bangladesh’s National Parliament caught the attention of visitors at a photo exhibition on Louis I Kahn at the UN Headquarters. ‘From Island to Island-The creative journey of Louis Kahn’ was jointly organised by the permanent missions of Bangladesh and Estonia to the UN on Monday.

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Does Germany ruin Nato through saving? Der Spiegel 70 years after its foundation, the Western alliance is in crisis. The allies accuse the Germans of ruining the alliance with their miserliness.

Sometimes they miss him, the old warrior. Jim Mattis was always good for the nerves. A paternal look from the former general and Pentagon chief, a calming gesture, a brief remark, and Gavin Williamson, the British Secretary of Defense, would have been calm. But Mattis was missing when Nato defence ministers met in Brussels in mid-February. He had resigned in a dispute with his president.

So no one is slowing down the young Brit who speaks at dinner at Alliance headquarters. Williamson demands that the partners should actually spend more than the promised two percent of national economic output on defence, and his tone becomes sharp. Two percent is the minimum. "How can it be that other countries simply sit back and relax," the minister asks.

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Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on NATO, threat from Russia, trade and trust, Fox News Kaljulaid wraps a week of meetings with top U.S. officials by sitting down with Bret Baier on 'Special Report.' Video interview in english can be found here.

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Estonian President Urges Unity Among Allies Against Russia, Voice of America Estonia's president called for continued unity among democratic allies in the face of Russian aggression on Wednesday and expressed a wish for even greater U.S. involvement in the Baltics.

Kersti Kaljulaid, on her second visit to the United States in less than a year, told an audience at the Brookings Institution that membership in the European Union and NATO have served to defend and enhance her country's sovereignty.

With only 1.2 million people and located on the Baltic Sea near Russia, the former Soviet republic has been especially concerned about growing Russian assertiveness, particularly since its annexation of the Ukrainian region of Crimea and its military support for two breakaway regions in Georgia.

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Échos du monde - Estonie, une République 3.0, France 2 Estonia will celebrate the 101st anniversary of its independence. In recent years, this small territory of the Baltic States has become an e-nation. With 1.3 million inhabitants, Estonia is at the forefront of digital tranformation. Interview in french can be found here.

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Estonian president: Work to strengthen NATO's eastern flank must continue, The Baltic Times In recent years, NATO has adequately reacted to security problems on its eastern flank, but work to develop the alliance's deterrence and defense posture is far from completed, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid said at a meeting on security of the heads of state of countries of central and eastern Europe.

Kaljulaid said at the meeting held in Kosice, Slovakia that the allied battle groups stationed promptly in the Baltic countries, Poland and Romania have had a very positive and stabilizing effect on the security of the whole eastern flank of NATO, spokespeople for the Estonian president said.

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Estonia is running its country like a tech company, Quartz Estonia is often described as a genuinely digital society. Today a majority of government services are offered 24/7 online, and data integrity is ensured by blockchain technology. You can use medical e-prescriptions, file taxes, or even buy a car online without needing to go to the vehicle registration office. There are only a few things that you still need to do in the analog world, such as get married or buy property.

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Estonian president: Leaders unprepared for nuclear threat, Politico MUNICH — No nukes experience, knowledge or understanding.

Today's generation of political leaders is unprepared to deal with the threat of nuclear weapons, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid told POLITICO in an interview at the Munich Security Conference.

With the unfolding demise of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, nonproliferation and disarmament issues are now back at the forefront of the international agenda, with perhaps the greatest focus since the end of the Cold War.

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Irish backstop can't be changed for Brexit deal - Estonian president, Reuters MUNICH (Reuters) - There can be no changes to the Irish “backstop”, an arrangement to avoid a hard border between European Union member Ireland and British-ruled Northern Ireland after Brexit, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid told Reuters.

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Le chantre du 100 % digital a foi en l’Europe, Challenges Dirigeante d’un petit Etat qui a fait le saut dans l’économie numérique, cette parfaite francophone attend de ses partenaires européens la liberté économique et la solidarité sur le plan géostratégique.

Je suis Estonienne, pas Balte. C’est comme au Benelux : les habitants des trois pays qui le composent ne disent pas qu’ils sont bénéluxiens. » Elle sourit, sûre de son effet. Quelle surprise d’entendre ce français impeccable, mâtiné de « r » qui roulent fort. Présidente de la République depuis deux ans, Kersti Kaljulaid, 49 ans, est simple, cordiale. Elle est venue passer la journée à Paris pour cultiver sa francophilie. Avant des entretiens à l’Organisation internationale de la francophonie, elle a passé trois heures à l’ENA et y a prononcé, devant les élèves de la promotion dont elle est marraine, un discours militant sur les valeurs de l’Europe, intégralement en français. Son vocabulaire est sophistiqué. Pourtant, elle pointe : « Je suis plus à l’aise en anglais. » Et, comme pour minimiser son mérite, elle rappelle qu’elle a travaillé à la Cour des comptes européenne, à Luxembourg.

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Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia: "There is no democracy in Russia", RFI Estonia is the northernmost, the smallest and least populated of the Baltic States. The great Russian neighbor who dominated the country for two centuries and which during the Soviet Union occupied it for fifty years, remains very much in the minds of Estonians, especially since almost 30% of the population is Russian-speaking. But since then, Estonia has joined NATO and the European Union, and Tallinn has become the capital of a leading digital start-up nation in Europe.

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Estonian President on why latvians should not compare themselves with Estonians, Tvnet Latvija In Latvia, many people are watching Estonians with envy and would like some of the success stories of our neighbors to reach them. Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaite, in an interview with LTV Panorama, acknowledged that she had no answer to the question of why this is happening. "I always say that I like Latvian beaches, I like Latvians, your president is a good friend. It should also be said that Latvian beer is very good when I am here, drinking" Valmiermuiža ". People are very friendly. The economy is developing successfully. Therefore, you need to be happy about yourself, not to think that someone is better. Be proud of yourself! " encourages Kaljulaid.


Full text in latvian can be found here.

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Tiny Estonia touts itself as the first all-digital nation, LA Times Set free by the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, tiny Estonia has developed Eastern Europe's most robust economy, a functional welfare state and — remarkably — perhaps the most digitally advanced government in the world.

Since the turn of the 21st century, Estonia has offered each citizen a government-issued"digital identity" — including a chip-embedded national ID card that can be used for social securi- ty, health insurance, voter registration, banking and much more. It also now offers "e-residency" for people around the world who want to be part of its digital revolution, allowing them to register a business in Estonia, which is part of the European Union.

The northernmost of the three Baltic nations, Estonia has one big problem: Its eastern neighbor. Russia, which long dominated Estonia and now deeply resents its membership in NATO, represents an existential threat.

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid was in Los Angeles last week, where she discussed her country's digital initiative and other matters in a speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council at the downtown California Club. She later sat down with The Times for a Q&A, which has been edited for length and clarity. By Mitchell Landsberg


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Estonia's President Isn't Too Worried About Russia Digging Up Dirt On Her, Buzzfeed "Don't believe if somebody tells you I've been dancing during the night in the bar half-naked," President Kersti Kaljulaid told BuzzFeed News' Profile. Estonia's first woman president, Kersti Kaljulaid, says Russia's unpredictability worries her as she believes Moscow is acting in a manner that is dangerous to international peace and security. "It's an unpredictable country acting in unpredictable ways. So we should always be thinking of [the] unthinkable," she told host David Mack on Profile, BuzzFeed News' Facebook Watch show. "It's unpredictability which is worrying me."


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President Kaljulaid about Russia's aggression and electronic voting, LTV Latvija President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid also attended the visit of the Arraiolos group leaders. In a conversation with the Latvian Television, she talks about her work in Narva, the reaction to Russian aggression, cyber security and also why latvians should not always compare ourselves with Estonians.


Video in latvian is available here.

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"Estonian president: We have a generation grown up communicating digitally" , CNBC CNBC's Elizabeth Schulze spoke with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid about the country's push into the digital sphere and its potential concerns.

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Baltic Presidents: Europe must act united and faster, Neue Westfälische Heute nehmen die Regierungschefs von Estland, Lettland und Litauen den Internationalen Preis des Westfälischen Friedens entgegen – für ihre besonderen BemühungenumIntegration in Europa.
Alle drei betonen die große Bedeutung, die die enge Einbindung des Baltikums für ihre Länder hat. Und sie verraten Thomas Seim, was Deutschland vom Baltikum lernen kann.

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"Putin tries to split us", RP Online The Estonian President, together with the heads of state of the other two Baltic States, is accepting the Westphalian Peace Prize in Münster this weekend. It demands a credible deterrent against Russia.


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In the land of unicorns: meeting with Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia, La Tribune Guest of honor at the Sciences-Po students' graduation ceremony last Saturday in Paris, Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia, spoke about issues related to democracy, digital technology and the conditions for 'a startup nation'. By Philippe Boyer, director of innovation at Covivio.


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If we act, Russia might not react, NewEasternEurope SZABOLCS VÖRÖS: Could you pack all your belongings in less than 60 hours?

KERSTI KALJULAID: This is too weird of a question to answer...

But I am sure you have read RAND Corporation's now quite infamous finding from 2017 when they suggested that if Russia decided to attack the Baltic states, their capitals could be invaded in less than 60 hours.

But why should I have to pack my things? I trust in our armed forces and our defence capabilities and we stick to NATO's Article 3 which prescribes that defending our country is our own duty. We can defend our country by spending two per cent of our GDP on defence and moreover, as a host nation, we also cover the cost of those allied forces who were deployed here in the framework of NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission as of 2016. Which means that no one has to pack any belongings. NATO's primary goal is deterrence; defence, if needed, comes only after that. This deterrence has always been sufficient and if any risk analyses suggest, than it will be broadened, and it decreases when the situation becomes more stable. This is how it works, in 360 degrees.

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Kersti Kaljulaid: "The West "normalized" the occupation of Georgian parts, risking the "normalization" of the conflict in Ukraine. What will we be ready to "normalize" further? ", Tyzhden Subjects in the interview covered the security of Europe and cultural policy.


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Estonian President on Ukraine’s Progress and Challenges , Hromadske Russia and the conflict in Donbas. These were some of the key topics on the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid's agenda during her visit to Ukraine.


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The Estonian president in "K": Confidence in the digital world, Kathimerini, Greece "It seemed to us that Estonians abroad would lose contact with our political system." This phrase explains Kersti Kaljulaid, president of Estonia, the rationale that led the small Baltic country, which has evolved into the digital miracle of the EU, to allow its citizens to vote online anywhere in the world. "Many Estonians live in other European countries," the Estonian president explains in an exclusive interview to "K". "We joined the EU to enjoy the four freedoms. And we have the technological tools to make the electoral process secure, as well as the citizens' trust. "


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It`s time to become estonians! Protagon, Greece Impressively tall and upright, dressed in babyblue; it was simple and unobtrusive, clear and comprehensive, interesting. The Estonian President, Kersti Kaljulain, during her visit to Greece after the Presidential Palace and before her visit to the Acropolis, stood opposite Kallimarmaro, on the ground floor of Orange Grove, the incubator for the start-ups - her initiative Dutch Embassy in Athens, welcomed by Dutch ambassador Caspar Veldtab. No one expected that a speech about the digitization of the economy in Estonia and e-government would turn into a highly political chat, without tiring technical terms.


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Estonian President visited the Acropolis wearing sport shoes and Bermuda pants, Iefimerida, Greece "From the one chronological layer to the other, I read about the ancient history of the Acropolis hill, starting at least 3,000 BC. Then I begin to notice that for some reasons most of the architectures, at least what we see, is of the 5th century and I start wondering why. And then I see another sign saying that the hill was destroyed by the Persians 100 years before, and then I begin to imagine all this and to rebuild them (in my mind). At that time people were recycling, we can see that on the walls, in the buildings. I find this very interesting, how the culture of the other one comes as a kaleidoscope," told Mrs Kaljulaid with sincere interest, while stressing the reason she likes walking in the places she visits.

"You can see the real life, the real people, in a better way. I do it as often as I can, walk, run in the suburbs and elsewhere just to see how people live there. It's very interesting".


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Estonian President Kaljulaid visits Frontex after meeting Tsipras, Amna, Greece President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid visited the operational offices of Frontex on Friday as part of her official visit to Greece. During her arrival, Kaljulaid told Athens Macedonian News Agency that she is visiting Frontex as Estonia has contributed considerably to boost its technical capabilities.


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Al. Tsipras met with the Estonian President, Naftemporiki, Greece In his post on Twitter on his meeting with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, Mr. Tsipras specifically mentioned: "Meeting with the Estonian President, Kersti Kaljulaid at the Maxi Mansion. Estonia is a country that has made significant use of digital technology for the growth of its economy and is now an example across Europe. "


«Παράδειγμα για όλη την Ευρώπη» χαρακτήρισε την Εσθονία ο πρωθυπουργός, Αλέξης Τσίπρας, αναφορικά με τον τρόπο που αξιοποίησε την ψηφιακή τεχνολογία.

Σε ανάρτησή του στον λογαριασμό στο Twitter για την συνάντησή του με την πρόεδρο της Εσθονίας Κέρστι Καλγιουλάιντ ο κ. Τσίπρας ανέφερε συγκεκριμένα: «Συνάντηση με την Πρόεδρο της Εσθονίας, Κέρστι Καλγιουλάιντ στο Μέγαρο Μαξίμου. H Εσθονία είναι μια χώρα που αξιοποίησε σημαντικά την ψηφιακή τεχνολογία για την ανάπτυξη της οικονομίας της και αποτελεί σήμερα παράδειγμα για όλη την Ευρώπη».

Article can be found here.

ENG Intervjuud Thu, 17 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President: We are interested in the refugee crisis, although we are geographically far away, Naftemporiki, Greece Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid visited Frontex's operational office as part of an official visit to Greece since yesterday.

On her arrival, Mrs. Kaljulaid stated how she is visiting Frontex today as "Estonia has contributed a lot to strengthening Frontex's business. We believe that Frontex is a very important tool to ensure the protection of the borders and that people are not drowning in their efforts to reach Europe. So, we value a lot of what Frontex does. "


Στο επιχειρησιακό γραφείο της Frontex μετέβη η Πρόεδρος της Εσθονίας, Κέρστι Κάλιουλαϊντ, στο πλαίσιο της επίσημης επίσκεψης που πραγματοποιεί από χθες στην Ελλάδα.

Κατά την άφιξή της, η κ. Κάλιουλαϊντ δήλωσε πψς επισκέπτεται σήμερα την Frontex καθώς «η Εσθονία έχει συνεισφέρει αρκετά για να ενισχυθεί η τεχνική των δραστηριοτήτων της Frontex. Θεωρούμε ότι η Frontex είναι ένα πολύ σημαντικό εργαλείο για να διασφαλίσουμε την προστασία των συνόρων κι ότι οι άνθρωποι δεν πνίγονται στην προσπάθειά τους να φτάσουν στην Ευρώπη. Έτσι, εκτιμούμε αρκετά αυτά που κάνει η Frontex».

«Μπορεί να απέχουμε γεωγραφικά από την προσφυγική κρίση, ωστόσο, αυτό δεν σημαίνει ότι δεν ενδιαφερόμαστε γι' αυτήν. Ενδιαφερόμαστε πάρα πολύ και θέλουμε να δούμε τι παραπάνω μπορούμε να κάνουμε και τι μπορεί να διευθετηθεί καλύτερα» πρόσθεσε.

Article can be found here.

ENG Intervjuud Thu, 17 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President: Young startuppers in Greece have talent and have to dare, Protothema, Greece President Kersti Kaljulaid spoke at an open event to the public on "Creating e-solutions to grow economies: The Estonian Experience" and answered about the "secrets" that led Estonia to become a model of e-government in the public and private sectors with its 25 years of independence.


ENG Intervjuud Thu, 17 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
The digital miracle of Estonia: How the impoverished former Soviet Republic became a pioneer of the EU. Kathimerini, Greece President Kaljulaid spoke in Orange Grove - a Dutch Embassy incubator for IT startups in Athens - how Estonia turned into a digital champion of the European Union in just two decades. The 48-year-old president, a former private sector executive, explained that everything started with taxation. "No one likes to pay taxes," she said, "but we thought that if we made the process online, revenue would be spectacular." Then, with private and public sector partnerships, a digital identity was created, giving every citizen access to a huge number of services.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 16 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
President Pavlopoulos sends clear messages to Turkey, FYROM during meeting with Estonian counterpart Kaljulaid, Amna, Greece President of the Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos sent clear messages on Thursday to FYROM and Turkey, as well as calling for the resolution of the Cyprus issue, during his meeting with visiting President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid at the presidential mansion in Athens.


ENG Intervjuud Wed, 16 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
President of Estonia in the House of Hellenes, Naftemporiki, Greece Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid met with the House of Hellenes Speaker Nikos Voutsis, setting the foundations for closer cooperation between the Greek and Estonian parliaments.


Με την πρόεδρο της Εσθονίας, Κέρστι Καλιουλάιντ, συναντήθηκε ο πρόεδρος της Βουλής των Ελλήνων, Νίκος Βούτσης, θέτοντας τις βάσεις για την επίτευξη μιας στενότερης συνεργασίας ανάμεσα στα κοινοβούλια Ελλάδας και Εσθονίας.

Ο κ. Βούτσης υποδεχόμενος την Εσθονή πρόεδρο αναφέρθηκε στα σημαντικά βήματα που έχει κάνει η Εσθονία στο πεδίο της ηλεκτρονικής διακυβέρνησης λέγοντας ότι «παρακολουθούμε αυτή την πορεία και υπάρχει πολύ στενή συνεργασία ανάμεσα στις δύο χώρες, καθώς και στο ελληνικό δημόσιο και στη Βουλή των Ελλήνων έχουν γίνει σημαντικά βήματα σ' αυτόν τον κρίσιμο τομέα στον οποίο η νέα τεχνολογία μας δίνει πολύ μεγάλες δυνατότητες».

Από την πλευρά της η κ. Καλιουλάιντ αναφέρθηκε στην υπάρχουσα συνεργασία ανάμεσα στα δύο κοινοβούλια τονίζοντας ότι «μπορούμε να ανταλλάσσουμε απόψεις έτσι ώστε να προχωρήσουμε μαζί με αλληλεγγύη, για να οικοδομήσουμε το μέλλον» και επεσήμανε πως «θαυμάζουμε το έργο σας, τον τρόπο με τον οποίο προσπαθείτε να ξεπεράσετε την οικονομική κρίση, ήδη την έχετε ξεπεράσει και σημειώνεται πρόοδος».

Article can be found here.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 16 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Kersti Kaljulaid: Estonian President Discusses Digitization of the Economy and eGovernment, Huffington Post, Greece Holding 3rd place in Europe in a startup ratio per head, Skype's birthplace and numerous internationally successful startups, and creator of the first Data Embassy in Luxembourg (a comprehensive backup of all state information on cyber-attack), Estonia has to support its economic growth in innovation, inter alia through a shift towards a digital environment, the creation of a strong startup ecosystem and the development of a leading international e-government.


Στις 17 Μαΐου το Orange Grove, το διεθνές startup incubator της Αθήνας που αποτελεί πρωτοβουλία της Ολλανδικής Πρεσβείας, υποδέχεται με μεγάλη τιμή την Πρόεδρο της Δημοκρατίας της Εσθονίας, Kersti Kaljulaid, σε μια ανοικτή προς το κοινό εκδήλωση για την ψηφιοποίηση της Οικονομίας και την ηλεκτρονική Διακυβέρνηση, με τίτλο «Creating e-solutions to grow economies: The Estonian Experience».

Κατέχοντας την 3η θέση στην Ευρώπη σε αναλογία startups ανά κεφαλή, γενέτειρα του Skype και πολυάριθμων διεθνώς επιτυχημένων startups, και δημιουργός του πρώτου «Data Embassy» στο Λουξεμβούργο (ενός ολοκληρωμένου backup όλων των πληροφοριών του κράτους για την περίπτωση cyber attack), η Εσθονία έχει στηρίξει την οικονομική της ανάπτυξη στην καινοτομία, μέσα από, μεταξύ άλλων, τη στροφή προς ένα digital περιβάλλον, τη δημιουργία ενός ισχυρού startup οικοσυστήματος και την ανάπτυξη μιας πρωτοπόρας, σε διεθνές επίπεδο, ηλεκτρονικής διακυβέρνησης.

Σε αυτή την ιδιαίτερη εκδήλωση στο Orange Grove, η Πρόεδρος της Δημοκρατίας της Εσθονίας, Kersti Kaljulaid θα συζητήσει με το κοινό την εμπειρία της Εσθονίας στην ψηφιοποίηση – αυτοματοποίηση της Oικονομίας, την ανάπτυξη του e-governance και την προώθηση του startup οικοσυστήματος.

Στο πλαίσιο της εκδήλωσης, θα μιλήσει, επίσης, ο κος Priit Salumaa, Head of Business Development της Mooncascade, εταιρείας software and product development στην Εσθονία (που ιδρύθηκε από τέσσερις software engineers, μεταξύ των οποίων δύο πρώην Skype engineers) σχετικά με την εμπειρία του από το startup οικοσύστημα της Εσθονίας, ενώ ελληνικές startups προερχόμενες από το Orange Grove θα παρουσιάσουν την πορεία τους στο κοινό, το οποίο και θα έχει την ευκαιρία να απευθύνει ερωτήσεις σε όλους τους ομιλητές και να συμμετάσχει ενεργά ώστε να δημιουργηθεί ένας διαδραστικός και παραγωγικός διάλογος.

Η εκδήλωση είναι ανοιχτή και δωρεάν για το κοινό, αρκεί να γίνει δήλωση συμμετοχής στο Eventbrite.

Η εκδήλωση θα πραγματοποιηθεί την Πέμπτη 17 Μαΐου, στις 16:30, στο Orange Grove, Λεωφ. Βασιλέως Κωνστανίνου 5-7, Αθήνα. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες μπορείτε να επισκεφθείτε την ιστοσελίδα, καθώς και τη σελίδα του event στο Facebook.

Article can be found here.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 16 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Orange Grove: Estonian President about the Digitization of the Economy & e-Governance, Protagon, Greece On May 17, Orange Grove, the international startup incubator in Athens, which is an initiative of the Dutch Embassy, welcomes the President of the Republic of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid. President Kaljulaid will be talking in the event about the digitization of the economy and eGovernment, the presentation is titled "Creating e-solutions to grow economies: The Estonian Experience".


ENG Intervjuud Mon, 14 May 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid: "Russian missiles are targeting Europe", Le Parisien President Kaljulaid was in Paris for a work visit and talked with Le Parisien about the importance of the European Union and her thoughts on Russia.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 23 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President visits Lyon to speak about digital, RFC radio President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid was in Lyon to open a cybersecurity competition and visit the regional digital campus.


ENG Intervjuud Mon, 09 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President in Lyon prides herself on cybersecurity, Lyon was visited today by Kersti Kaljulaid, the President of the Republic of Estonia at a conference on the "100 years of the Republic of Estonia - a country of tradition and an innovative economy ".

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 09 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia: "Macron has the interests of its citizens in mind", Le Parisien The Estonian President is visiting France today and tomorrow. Six months after Emmanuel Macron's stay in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid pays him a visit. The visit of the Estonian President began this afternoon with a lunch with the French head of state whose social-liberal and pro-European positions she shares. "He is a politician who has only the interests of its citizens in mind, assured us the president in an exclusive interview, one hour before his meeting with Emmanuel Macron. There are politicians happy in the morning to wake up and say, I am Prime Minister or President. But he does not. Like Edouard Philippe, he is a man of great integrity who really thinks about the wellbeing of the citizens of France but also of the European Union."

ENG Intervjuud Sun, 08 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
From AI to Russia, Here’s How Estonia’s President Is Planning for the Future, Wired By Eric Niiler, Wired

At 48 years old, Kersti Kaljulaid is Estonia's youngest president ever, and its first female president. A marathon runner with degrees in genetics and an MBA, she spent a career behind the scenes—mostly as a European government auditor—before being elected by Estonia's legislature in 2016. Two years later, she's continuing Estonia's push for global digital security while deflecting military and cyber threats from Russia, which occupied Estonia for 50 years until its liberation in 1991.

Known for its digital government, tax, and medical systems, Estonia is planning for the future. The country's "e-resident" program—which allows global citizens to obtain a government-issued ID card and set up remotely-operated businesses in Estonia—has attracted 35,000 people since 2014. Now the government is discussing a proposal to grant some rights to artificially intelligent systems. The law could make it easier to regulate decision-making by autonomous systems, robots, or driverless cars.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 04 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President, Eyeing Bigger U.N. Role, Urges Government Action on Cybersecurity, Wall Street Journal By Adam Janofsky, Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON -- Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid said Wednesday that her government is seeking a seat on the U.N. Security Council, where it plans to push governments around the world to take a stronger role in establishing cybersecurity norms and monitoring threats.

“New Zealand took climate to the Security Council and we will take digital to the Security Council when we’re elected,” she said at a talk organized by the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 04 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President, Like President Trump, Congratulated Putin on Election Win, OANN One America's Trey Yingst sat down with the president of Estoni' for this exclusive interview in Washington.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 04 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonian President Says She Is More Confident About Trump Administration's Foreign Policy, National Public Radio Estonia's president left Washington, D.C., feeling more reassured about U.S. policy toward Russia. Kersti Kaljulaid says President Trump asked tough questions in his meeting with the Baltic leaders, but also talked about how he expelled 60 Russians in the wake of a nerve agent attack in the U.K.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 04 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0000
Kaljulaid: Estonia has become "superdigitally hygienic", Latvian Public Broadcast Estonia is once again promoting itself globally as a major power of digitization. President Kersti Kaljulaid lectured in London, reminding that digitization in Estonia allows hundreds of millions of euros per year to be saved and the country is better protected against cyber threats. She does not hide that the Estonian people have become so knowledgeable that the country can be called "superdigitally hygienic".

Full article (in latvian) can be found here and the news story here.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 03 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0000
Estonia’s president keeps faith with liberal democracy, Financial Times At 48, Kersti Kaljulaid is Estonia's youngest president since the small Baltic state regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Yet her memories go back far enough to persuade her that, no matter how serious the challenges confronting her nation and other western democracies, they are in some respects less formidable than those that faced Estonia in the early 1990s.

At that time, she recalls in an interview with the Financial Times, Estonian membership of Nato and the EU — the twin pillars of western security and prosperity — was far from assured. Russian troops were still stationed on Estonian soil and were not to leave until 1994.

ENG Intervjuud Sat, 31 Mar 2018 19:00:00 +0000
President Kersti Kaljulaid on Salisbury: "Estonian people who speak Russian language do not necessarily speak Putin language", Channel 4, United Kingdom Estonia is one of those countries that was under Soviet occupation. It's an EU member which shares a border with Russia and has a big Russian-speaking minority. Yesterday it, too, expelled a Russian diplomat.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 26 Mar 2018 19:00:00 +0000
The Baltic States turn 100, Wall Street Journal A century ago, amid the turmoil of the Russian Revolution, three independent Baltic states were born. For half of the subsequent 100 years, starting during World War II, the Baltic nations were occupied by the Soviet Union. After that experience, we are fortunate now to celebrate our centennials having been free countries again for 27 years and to reflect on what we have learned from our history—and what we can teach others, President Kersti Kaljulaid writes.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 09 Feb 2018 06:58:22 +0000
Estonia at 100: President Kaljulaid on risks, opportunities and Europhilia, France24 It's the small Baltic state that's lived through Soviet rule, invasion by Nazi Germany, independence, plus joining the EU, NATO and euro currency - all within the last century. Estonia's President Kersti Kaljulaid tells FRANCE 24's Catherine Nicholson how her country is celebrating its 100th anniversary of becoming a republic this year. Full interview here.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 22 Jan 2018 20:00:00 +0000
Interview for EU Confidential This week's show features an interview with Estonia's President Kersti Kaljulaid, the first head of state to appear on the podcast. President Kaljulaid explains why Estonia is willing to pay more to the EU and reveals a promise Jean-Claude Juncker made to her about the post-Brexit EU budget. You can listen the podcast here.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 17 Jan 2018 20:00:00 +0000
Interview for France24 President Kaljulaid talked about Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union which started "very fast". Also about our digital revolution which has also made possible that all public services can be reached online. In September, Estonia organized the Tallinn Digital Summit, bringing together the heads of state and government of the European Union. Full interview in french can be found here.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 11 Dec 2017 20:00:00 +0000
Interview for Icelandic National Broadcasting In the interview President Kaljulaid said that the standard of living in Estonia has been transformed, in the 26 years since the country declared it´s independence from Russia: "I would say an average salary in Estonia at regaining independence, it didn´t pass 30 euros per month, definitely not. Now it´s 1200."

Also, the decision to join the EU was an important step, both to preserve democracy and increase trade with other European nations. President Kersti Kaljulaid was in Iceland last week to take part in the Women Political Leaders annual summit. "We need this architecture to also to also protect democratic values in our region, to make sure that we are not on the menu, but behind the table. Also, our economy is 80% export oriented, so we need free market, and European market of course, particularly Scandinavian market is our natural partner to develop our economy," Estonian head of state said.

ENG Intervjuud Sun, 03 Dec 2017 20:00:00 +0000
Ein digitales Wunderland voller Selbstzweifel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Little Estonia has fought hard for its role as a digital pioneer. President Kersti Kaljulaid explains why her homeland is as vulnerable as it is ambitious.


Jüri Reinvere

Das kleine Estland hat hart um seine Rolle als digitaler Vorreiter gekämpft. Präsidentin Kersti Kaljulaid erklärt, warum ihre Heimat so verwundbar wie ehrgeizig ist.

Für die journalistische Schadenfreude finnischer Abendzeitungen war es ein gefundenes Fressen: Angela Merkel, erschöpft und übermüdet, schlief während des Vortrags der estnischen Präsidentin Kersti Kaljulaid einfach ein. Vor allen Kameras, beim EU-Gipfeltreffen in Tallinn! In Deutschland, England oder Frankreich taugte Merkels Nickerchen nicht für Schlagzeilen. Denn obwohl Estland aktuell die Ratspräsidentschaft der Europäischen Union innehat, ist Estlands Aufmerksamkeitsbilanz im Westen, anders als in Finnland, kein Anlass zu Neid oder Spott.

ENG Intervjuud Sat, 02 Dec 2017 20:00:00 +0000
Interview for Channel 2 Iceland President Kaljulaid talked about Estonia leading the EU Presicency and also about Brexit. Interview can be listened here.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 01 Dec 2017 07:53:52 +0000
"She who dares, wins", Monocle Justin Bergman

When Kersti Kaljulaid was thrust into the Estonian presidency last year as a consensus candidate to resolve a political stalemate, it came as a surprise to many. She was not just an outsider – she was virtually unknown to most of the public. A trained biologist and former head of a power plant, she had spent the previous 12 years in the relatively anonymous confines of the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg.

In the year since taking office, the 47-year-old has quickly found her footing. When monocle visits the bright-pink presidential office building in Tallinn, she eschews the measured tone of an EU accountant and is frank about Russia's meddling in elections and the importance of people protecting themselves online, or what she calls "cyber hygiene". She's also a passionate advocate of Estonia's e-governance push, urging European governments to follow her country's lead by moving basic services online and breaking down barriers with regards to sharing data across borders.

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 08 Nov 2017 11:55:14 +0000
"Ottakaa mallia Ranskasta", Verkkouutiset Heikki Hakala

Kersti Kaljulaidin mieleen on jäänyt, mitä Emmanuel Macron sanoi Vladimir Putinille Venäjän harjoittamasta vaikuttamisesta.

Jokaisen poliitikon on tunnettava vastuunsa demokratian puolustamisesta, Kersti Kaljulaid sanoo Verkkouutisten erikoishaastattelussa.Kersti Kaljulaidin ensimmäinen vuosi maansa valtionpäämiehenä täyttyi pari viikkoa sitten. Lukemattomat kansalaiskohtaamiset eri puolilla Viroa ovat Kaljulaidin mukaan antaneet paljon ajattelemisen aihetta. Yhden oivalluksen hän nostaa ylitse muiden.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 24 Oct 2017 05:48:26 +0000
"Alla kan bli digitala, försäkrar Estlands president", Hufvudstadsbladet Katarina Koivisto

Cyberhygien är ett ord Estlands president Kersti Kaljulaid gärna använder. Genom noggrannhet klarar man sig långt då det gäller att avvärja cyberhot. Digitaliseringen ser presidenten som något som rätt förverkligad skapar ett jämlikare samhälle.

Estlands första period som ordförandeland för EU har snart avverkats till två tredjedelar och många temata under de fyra första månaderna har kretsat kring digitalisering av olika slag. E-hälsa har stått på agendan och i slutet av september stod Tallinn värd för ett digitalt toppmöte för EU-ledarna där man bland annat diskuterade gemensamma åtgärder för att försvara sig mot cyberattacker.]]> ENG Intervjuud Sun, 22 Oct 2017 05:40:51 +0000 "Bar Europa Michele Gerace E Kerstia Kaljulaid", Bar Europa radio By Michele Gerace

You can listen to the podcast of the Bar Europa radio broadcast here.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 17 Oct 2017 08:34:28 +0000
“Les Etats risquent l’obsolescence”, L'OBS Dominique Nora

Kersti Kaljulaid, la présidente de l'Estonie, reçoit les chefs d'Etat européens à Tallinn le 29 septembre. Elle livre à "l'Obs" en avant-première
sa vision de la société numérique.

L'Estonie a pris le leadership mondial de l'e-gouvernance, l'administration sans papier, entièrement numérique. Y a-t-il eu des réticences ?
Le pays a largement dépassé le stade où il s'est demandé s'il devait vraiment devenir numérique. Nous acceptons l'idée que ce monde digital est porteur de risques – tout comme le monde analogique – mais nous sommes capables de nous protéger. En cas de problème, on le résout et on avance. Nous avons déjà presque une génération qui a grandi dans cet environnement, ce qui a changé notre attitude vis-à-vis de la technologie.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 29 Sep 2017 06:41:14 +0000
Med digitale ID-er kan vi spare liv, Aftenposten Frøydis Braathen

TALLINN (Aftenposten): Estland har hatt kjempesuksess med digitalisering. President Kersti Kaljulaids mål er fri flyt av data over landegrensene i EU. Hun kommer til Aftenpostens teknologikonferanse i oktober.

Estland har vært først ute med å digitalisere offentlige tjenester innen alt fra helse til skole til politiske valg. 99 prosent av alle offentlige tjenester kan utføres over nettet.

1. juli i år overtok president Kersti Kaljulaid formannskapet i EU for seks måneder. Øverst på agendaen er målet om at fri flyt av data skal bli den femte av EUs friheter.

I et intervju med Aftenposten sier Kaljulaid at hun håper EU-landene vil oppnå en felles forståelse for at teknologi må tas i bruk over landegrensene.

ENG Intervjuud Thu, 21 Sep 2017 06:10:47 +0000
„President Kersti Kaljulaid: 'Estonia offers more transparency and less bureaucracy!'", Life In Estonia Ede Schank Tamkivi

As Estonia took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1st, the President of the Republic says in an interview with Life in Estonia that despite the fact that Estonia is a relatively well-off country, everyone needs to work harder to promote its urban environment, general greenness, and lack of hierarchies.

When you became President in October 2016, you said you were eager to hear 'what people have to say', and indeed, you have been going to places and meeting and speaking to a good proportion of the people. What has been the most surprising thing to hear/see?

I always feel great gratitude if I manage to touch upon a nerve that really matters to the people who might feel that not enough attention has been paid to their issues, which tend to be not so beautiful. Social co-hesion issues, questions that relate to handicapped people or to people who have somehow faced violence in society etc.

We are a relatively well-off country and we have to help those who have had a bad draw in this life, be it through their personal history in the family or a handicap. We seriously need to think how we could help those people better and I'm trying to focus minds on this.

I've also noticed that people working in the Estonian public sector ask me to come and talk to them about general public sector management issues. And this is something that I really like to do. Seems a bit like management consultancy, and indeed, it is.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 08 Sep 2017 12:42:04 +0000
Das Risiko für Estland ist existenziell, Frankfurter Allgemeine Von Jüri Reinvere

Estlands Präsidentin Kersti Kaljulaid glaubt nicht an den Kollaps des digitalen Staates. Sie hält den elektronischen Personalausweis für die alternativlose Zukunft. Doch das Sicherheitsloch zeigt jetzt alle Gefahren.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 08 Sep 2017 10:22:42 +0000
Our citizens are going digital and global. If the state doesn't keep up it will become obsolete, The Telegraph By Kersti Kaljulaid

As the President of Estonia, I represent the only truly digital society which actually has a state. And this position has made me question whether the state as we know it today is fit for the 21st century.

Traditionally nations have harnessed taxpayers to their territory by making almost everything people need from society dependent on working in one country, every day of the week, all months of the year and for at least three decades to receive these social guarantees. In creating free movement of people, the web has only got more complex, but never disappeared. The same old story of where you live, where you work and where you are entitled to get the social benefits.

The world around all these political debates is radically changing, industrial jobs are disappearing. They will continue to disappear, because of the productivity gains that come from choosing to invest in machinery and automation over people. Thus, social models that were created to fit industrial and early service economies will no longer be viable. It is only in Alice in Wonderland that the cat can leave while the grin lingers. In the real world when the cat is gone, the grin vanishes with it. Put simply, as the industrial workforce shrinks – just as we once saw happen in agriculture – the social model founded on it will go, too.

My son, an IT specialist, works for several companies at a same time. In some of them he is an owner, in others an employee. When he travels to others states for months at a time for work, he normally rents out his home assets – a flat, a car, sometimes even his dog (a well-trained Labrador who can keep lonely older people company).

Another man I know, a talented craftsman making world class bows and arrows, lives in rural Estonia. He came from South Africa. He did not lose any of his clients, even if he now makes his products at least 100 kilometres from his nearest customer.

ENG Intervjuud Sun, 16 Jul 2017 03:13:37 +0000
Igaunijas prezidente: katram pirmklasniekam jāzina valsts valoda Igaunijas prezidente Kersti Kaljulaida vēlas, lai tautā viņu atceras kā vadītāju, kas rūpējas par grūtībās nonākušajiem. "Savā prezidentūrā likšu lielu uzsvaru uz sociālo drošību un aprūpi, un tas būs manas kā prezidentes zīmols," tā saka kaimiņvalsts vadītāja, kura pagājšnedēļ viesojoties Latvijā, sniedza ekskluzīvu interviju "Latvijas Avīzei".

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 10 Jul 2017 03:25:25 +0000
Europe's most pressing problems: Russian resurgence, the migrant-crisis and Brexit, Euronews Euronews – James Franey

Estonian President - Kersti Kaljulaid,who will take up the European Council Presidency spoke exclusively to euronews on the most pressing issues Europe faces.

For this edition of The Global Conservation, euronews was in Tallinn, Estonia: the Baltic nation that will spend the next six months in the EU hotseat.

This comes at a time when the 28-member club is facing a number of huge challenges: an ongoing migration crisis, Brexit and a resurgent Russia.

Euronews met with the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, who took up her post as head of state in October last year.

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid. Welcome to The Global Conversation.

Thank you.

I just want to begin by asking you, the Italian government have threatened to close off their ports to humanitarian ships, which are not from Italy. What's your reaction to that? With migration being really at the top of the agenda as you look set to take over the EU presidency.

We need to break this situation where some countries are saying that they will not accept any part. They will take no responsibility at all. And then there are other countries who have this burden. We need to break this situation. We need to bridge the two differently thinking sides.

And there are different mechanisms. After all, because (the) EU by its nature is also quite a strong redistributor. It redistributes resources between the countries so that they can manage better the difficult situations which they are in. I think we need to look at all possible options. We also need to understand this – that people coming to Europe who have the right to seek asylum, they have certain preferences to where they go. And we have to discuss this through as well.

People, because they can freely move, move, of course, around in Europe. They tend to go where probably their income level in the future might be higher. And it's human. It's a very understandable situation. Because if you have lost everything. If you have lost your home already, you will try to get the best conditions for you and your family. Middle-income countries face difficulties here. We need to discuss those issues as well.

And you said about 'possible options' to bring these countries onside, who are not living up to their commitments as it were. What kind of options could you be talking about?

I am thinking of the possibility to support financially more those countries who are ready to accept people coming from other countries. On the other hand, you cannot create a moral difficulty for those governments, who will then have (to face) questions.

'They are asylum seekers. They are settling here. You are supporting them better than the people who are your own poor.'

We need to have all these points on the table and discuss them through. But it is not a situation that will be solved by itself. Good faith is needed.

President Trump, he's been – let's say lukewarm – with regards to his commitments towards NATO. How confident are you that he's fully behind the alliance?

He takes to the Twitter and his words might not be exact or spot-on as we expect maybe, or hope them to be.

But if you look outside of the Twitter world, and if you look at the whole administration's policy, it's rock solid. I have absolutely no doubt that it has been for all these six months. The messages that me and my colleagues around this region have received are exactly the same. There is no wavering. There hasn't been any wavering. And, of course, we feel secure because – you know – being prepared because you have an unpredictable neighbour doesn't mean being afraid. We don't deal every day with thinking: "What if?".

We do trust NATO. We do trust our allies. And we have an alliance based on our democratic values. Based on the international security architecture. We all respect our signatures on international contracts and agreements. Indeed, there is a country – our neighbour – who unfortunately at this moment does not respect its own signatures on these international agreements.

Do you think Mr. Putin uses gas and energy as a means of dividing the EU?

He definitely tries to use every crack to put a wedge in and show that Europe is not united.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has made an offer on citizens rights. I believe there's roughly 10,000 Estonians living in the United Kingdom. Do you think the offer that she has made is sufficient?

We do hope and we are quite sure that we can trust the UK to protect their rights.

And how can that be done?

The United Kingdom is a democratic country, a free country, which shares our values, which will remain in Europe, which will remain our partner and ally, even after the Brexit happens. We will not allow any of those discussions to break down those links and this is not anybody's objective in Europe, I can assure you.

You said something very interesting there...."when Brexit happens." There are still some people in Brussels who think that Brexit is reversible and might not happen.

I would very much hope that it could be the case. But I don't see how this could happen. Of course, I am not happy to see the UK leave the European Union. I am more sad maybe for the British people because, as I said already, I don't think that even economically this is a decision that will pay off.

Interview and video on the webpage of Euronews

ENG Intervjuud Wed, 05 Jul 2017 05:37:50 +0000
"La piccola Estonia alla guida dell’Ue, la presidente: «Una rivoluzione della burocrazia digitale per Bruxelles»", Corriere della Sera «Se guardiamo agli ultimi 10 o 15 anni dell’Unione Europea, abbiamo fatto progressi notevoli, nonostante prove difficili. Fosse la crisi economica, l’euro o le tensioni di Schengen, non ci siamo fermati e questa è stata la cosa più importante. Non siamo flessibili o veloci abbastanza? Guardate alla rapidità con cui abbiamo trovato una posizione comune e chiara sulla Brexit, oppure sulle sanzioni alla Russia o ancora sulla difesa europea. L’Europa funziona e anche le opinioni pubbliche cominciano a capirlo. Lo abbiamo visto in Olanda e in Francia. Dobbiamo dire chiaramente di cosa è responsabile veramente l’Europa, non possiamo addossarle la colpa di tutto quello che non funziona nei suoi Paesi membri».

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 03 Jul 2017 10:32:59 +0000
"PLAYBOOK INTERVIEW — KERSTI KALJULAID, PRESIDENT OF ESTONIA … ", Politico Estonia’s new president isn’t short of energy or opinions, and that made her a star of the Women’s Forum in Rome.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 03 Jul 2017 10:20:48 +0000
Estijos prezidentė: Europa niekada nesusimovė ir nenuvylė nė vienos narės Pirmadienį Lietuvos prezidentė vyksta valstybinio vizito į Estiją, kuri nuo liepos perims pirmininkavimą Europos Sąjungos Tarybai.

Su Estijos vadovais Dalia Grybauskaitė aptars dvišalius santykius, Baltijos valstybių saugumo, gynybos ir atgrasymo stiprinimą, regiono strateginių energetikos ir transporto projektų įgyvendinimą, aktualius ES klausimus.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 06 Jun 2017 03:03:13 +0000
"Прэзыдэнтка Эстоніі пра Беларусь у Эўразьвязе: «Гэта магчыма, калі паглядзець у далейшую будучыню»", Радыё Свабода Аляксей Знаткевіч

Прэзыдэнтка Эстоніі Керсьці Кальюлайд адказала на пытаньні карэспандэнта Радыё Свабода падчас міжнароднай канфэрэнцыі ў пытаньнях бясьпекі GLOBSEC 2017 у Браціславе.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 30 May 2017 12:37:12 +0000
Estonian President Kaljulaid: 'I don’t believe that Russia would attack a NATO country', DW Deutsche Welle

In an interview with DW's Zhanna Nemtsova, Estonia's President Kersti Kaljulaid explains whether Russia is a threat and why she supports sanctions - even if they do not work.

DW: Madame President, in your opinion, what external challenges does Estonia face?

Kersti Kaljulaid: There are no challenges particularly related to our country. But the security situation surrounding the European Union (EU) is unpredictable and volatile. There is Russia, and Russia has shown with the occupation of the Crimean peninsula that it is ready to use force. Also, we know now that Russia does not respect its international obligations and its own signatures. The Minsk agreement continues to go unfulfilled, so the sanctions against Russia need to remain in place.

All this shows that the security environment is difficult. It's the same if you look to the south at the conflict in Syria. And Libya - it's not a state anymore, it's a failed state. The world is not stable. You may say it has never been stable, there have always been challenges, and this is kind of normal. But Europe experienced a more peaceful era, which made people hope it could be the new normal. I regret it isn't, but on the other hand, I am proud of the resolve and the unity the EU has shown. Once again, I am thinking particularly about the Minsk agreement and the sanctions regime, but also of NATO, which has generated quick decisions to make sure that its deterrence responses are proportional to risk profile and risk analysis.

In an interview with the Washington Post, you said that Russia is a threat to the international security architecture but not a threat to any NATO Country. Can you tell me if Russia is a physical threat to Estonia or not?

I don't believe Russia would attack a NATO country or NATO as such, no matter which country we are talking about. You can not divide security; NATO security space is indivisible.

In June a NATO battalion will be stationed in Estonia...

You are mistaken, it's already here. A battalion was deployed on April 20.

Why do you need this battalion if Russia is not a threat and you don't believe Russia will invade Estonia one day?

It's actually the other way around. NATO is safe if it provides deterrence against potential adversaries. NATO has a one-hundred-percent track record of providing adequate deterrence, which is why I think there will be no attacks on NATO from anywhere. But that, in and of itself, explains why a required level of deterrence protecting all NATO territory is needed.

You used the word adversary. Is Russia an adversary country?

I am talking more about potential threats in a 360-degree sense. This could include terrorist threats, among other things. Adversary is a general word.

You raised the question of sanctions targeting Russia. I know you strongly support their remaining in place. But the Russian economy has largely adapted to the sanctions regime. Do you think sanctions that are of symbolic significance can make Russia fulfill the Minsk II agreement?

The Minsk agreement has not been fulfilled; hence the sanctions regime remains in place. The fact is that partners came together and decided they would utilize the sanctions regime. They recognized why they were doing it, and they also recognized what needs to be done in order for the sanctions to be removed. This has not been achieved, so the sanctions remain in place.

There would probably be other tools to make Russia fulfill this agreement, since the sanctions do not appear to be having an effect.

Periodically, partners come together and discuss such issues. There have been debates around strengthening the sanctions. But so far, the common position has been to keep to our stance, and I strongly support this position.

Kersti Kaljulaid, born in 1969 in Tartu, Estonia, was elected Estonian president in October 2016. Before that, she was a member of the European Court of Auditors for 12 years and worked as an economic advisor to the Estonian prime minister.

Article and video on the web-page of Deutsche Welle.

ENG Intervjuud Thu, 18 May 2017 05:00:42 +0000
"Estonian president: In the face of Brexit, unity will be at the heart of our EU presidency", EurActiv By Daniela Vincenti

EXCLUSIVE / As Estonia gets ready for its stint at the helm of the EU, its President Kersti Kaljulaid told EURACTIV that her country will fight to keep the Union together, despite Brexit, and help the bloc forge a new vision, branching out from the Commission proposals.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 09 May 2017 07:58:39 +0000
"Macron Will Find a Potential Ally in Estonia’s President", The Wall Street Journal By Valentina Pop

Estonia assumes EU's rotating presidency next month; both leaders are political newcomers.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 08 May 2017 01:35:41 +0000
"Leuthard für Arbeitsgespräche in Estland", SRF Doris Leuthard ist am Morgen in Estland empfangen worden. Die Bundespräsidentin ist für einen eintägigen Kurzbesuch dort.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 10 Apr 2017 14:30:38 +0000
"NATO's Build-Up in East Cuts Fear of Conflict, Estonia Says", Bloomberg by Ott Ummelas

President says investors should be reassured by NATO presence.
Perception of Baltic risk is changing, Kaljulaid says.

Investors in the Baltic countries should brush off the perceived risk of a conflict between NATO and Russia in the region after the alliance deployed reinforcements to its eastern flank, Estonia's president said.

ENG Intervjuud Mon, 10 Apr 2017 06:51:51 +0000
"Estonia's Tallinn Music Week helps reshape the industry", Euronews Tallinn Music Week showcases an eclectic mix of around 250 artists from 33 countries. Almost every genre of music imaginable is on offer. Representatives from the music industry also flock to the event for a 2-day conference. This year, they're discussing how – with the support of the European Commission via the Creative Europe Programme – the music industry can continue to be developed for the digital age. Experts are looking to the success of funding strategies for European cinema for inspiration.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 31 Mar 2017 12:05:13 +0000
"‘I’m not afraid’: The president of tiny Estonia gives a giant lesson in leadership", The Washington Post By Jonathan Capehart

"No, I'm not afraid. ... I trust NATO."

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 28 Mar 2017 01:01:26 +0000
"Estonia: security will not be bargaining chip in Brexit negotiations", The Guardian Jennifer Rankin in Brussels

President Kaljulaid says Estonia sorry to see UK leave EU after British troops arrived under Nato to deter Russian aggression.

ENG Intervjuud Sat, 25 Mar 2017 02:00:08 +0000
"European partners and allies have responsibility to stick together: President of Estonia", CNBC Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid discusses the importance of NATO and her country's relationship with its neighbor Russia.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 24 Mar 2017 10:09:17 +0000
"‘Russia is a threat’: Estonia frets about its neighbor", The Washington Post Lally Weymouth is a senior associate editor at The Washington Post.

In an interview, President Kersti Kaljulaid says Trump must stand up to Moscow.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 24 Mar 2017 08:07:16 +0000
"Krievija mēģina visus sarīdīt vienu pret otru, uzskata Igaunijas prezidente", Starptautiskajā politikā Krievija pašlaik mēģina visus sarīdīt vienu pret otru, tā šorīt intervijā LNT raidījumam "900 sekundes" sacīja Igaunijas prezidente Kersti Kaljulaida.

ENG Intervjuud Fri, 10 Feb 2017 05:18:11 +0000
"Estonia ‘not afraid’ to be on the Nato frontline, president says", Financial Times Richard Milne

Kaljulaid laments 'unpredictable' Russia as security alliance shores up Baltic forces.

ENG Intervjuud Thu, 09 Feb 2017 07:49:20 +0000
"Estlands president: Trump har försäkrat att Nato är en viktig allians", Dagens Nyheter Ingmar Nevéus

○ Med Vladimir Putins Ryssland som granne bygger Estland sin säkerhet på USA och Nato.
○ När Donald Trump kallar försvarsalliansen "föråldrad" är det inte vad esterna vill höra.
○ Två oberäkneliga kollegor gör livet surt för Estlands president Kersti Kaljulaid, som besöker Sverige i dag. DN har träffat henne i Tallinn.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 24 Jan 2017 15:43:07 +0000
"President Kersti Kaljulaid's Interview for Finnish Business Newspaper Kauppalehti: 'Digital' Supports a Return to Growth", Text by Jorma Pöysä / Kauppalehti

President Kaljulaid: The common service route is a competitive advantage for companies in Finland and Estonia.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 29 Nov 2016 11:34:28 +0000
"Digi palauttaa Viron kasvun tielle", Kauppalehti Jorma Pöysä, kirjoittajan muut jutut

Presidentti Kaljulaid: Yhteisestä palveluväylästä kilpailuvaltti Suomen ja Viron yrityksille.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 29 Nov 2016 05:45:43 +0000
"Angst vor Erdbeben", Der Spiegel Präsidentin Kersti Kaljulaid, 46, über neue baltische Ängste nach Trumps Wahlsieg in den USA.

ENG Intervjuud Thu, 24 Nov 2016 08:12:20 +0000
President Kaljulaid: the Baltics are not afraid of migrants or Russians President Kersti Kaljulaid's response to the EurActiv article "The Brief: Europe's elites rush to hide behind Mutti's skirts".

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 22 Nov 2016 14:29:10 +0000
"Kersti Kaljulaid: Let's talk about the Nordic Benelux", Imants Frederiks Ozols, LTV Panorāma

As the Baltic states have so many similarities, they need to work closely together. Instead of using loaded terms like "Nordic" or "Baltic", Estonia's new president wants to talk about a "Nordic Benelux", referring to likely-minded countries on the northern rim of the EU, Estonia's president Kersti Kaljulaid said in an interview with LTV's Imants Frederiks Ozols.

ENG Intervjuud Tue, 25 Oct 2016 08:10:02 +0000
"Viron uusi presidentti puhuu Niinistölle suomea ja henkivartijoilleen venäjää - mutta mitä hän ajattelee Venäjän aggressiivisuudesta?", Helsingin Sanomat Kaja Kunnas

Viron uusi presidentti puhuu Niinistölle suomea ja henkivartijoilleen venäjää – mutta mitä hän ajattelee Venäjän aggressiivisuudesta?

Talsinki-ihminen Kersti Kaljulaid tekee torstaina ensimmäisen ulkomaanmatkansa Suomeen. HS julkaisee presidentin ensimmäisen haastattelun ulkomailla.

ENG Intervjuud Thu, 20 Oct 2016 02:54:47 +0000