At the École Nationale d'Administration

Dear graduates!

Please accept my sincerest congratulations!  In a way, here today you are coming to the end of your formal education path – postgraduate studies.

Therefore, it is apt to look how this educational path you followed, matches the need of you yourself and the future of our society. And what might need to change for the next generations, to make them best prepared for the challenges they face.

Curriculae have always been prepared from the perspective of the past. We all have acquired an education our parents thought would prepare us adequately for the challenges of our generation. Of course, as all loving parents, they have got some things right and missed some opportunities. Similarily, we are sending our kids to the schools today, to prepare for the challenges of the early 21st century, but not for the II half of it. How might our educational proposal look 25 years from now?

We had noticed that technological cycle is shortening. We did foresee, to certain extent, that the 21st century would see birth and death of much more inventions than the 20th century. After all, only petroleum lamp and horse cart truly expired in the 20th century. Most inventions just got more efficient, but survived.

We did not foresee that the digital disruption to our societies would be so profound that many of our kids will be able to work very differently from us.

We did not foresee that geography becomes meaningless for many professionals while seeking jobs. We did not foresee that many of them would not need to do what economists for a whole century thought inevitable – gather into enterprises in order to, through specialization, work in the most productive manner.




President Kaljulaid to participate in Paris Peace Forum

This week, President Kersti Kaljulaid is on a work visit to Paris where she will take part in the Paris Peace Forum at the invitation of President Macron, and give presentations at UNESCO’s General Conference and the GovTech summit on e-governance.
Paris Peace Forum is a gathering started at the initiative of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, where heads of state along with representatives of international organisations and third sector come together to find solutions to the challenges ahead of us. The forum takes place for the second time and will this year focus on climate, cyber security and good election practice. President Kaljulaid will give a presentation in a round table on artificial intelligence. The president and other heads of state and leaders of international organisations will also take part in a Peace Forum dinner, hosted by President Macron in the Champs Élysée.  



President of the Republic discussed cooperation in the UN and the expansion of business opportunities with the Emir of Kuwait

President of the Republic discussed cooperation in the UN and the expansion of business opportunities with the Emir of Kuwait

President Kersti Kaljulaid, who is currently on a state visit in Kuwait, met today with the Emir of Kuwait, sheik Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jabar Al-Sabah, to discuss both cooperation in the UN and the creation of new business opportunities for the enterprises of both countries.



President Kaljulaid to pay a state visit to Kuwait, accompanied by a business delegation

President Kersti Kaljulaid will start the week with a three-day state visit to Kuwait to promote digital cooperation between the two countries and the interests of Estonian entrepreneurs in the Persian Gulf region.