At the final of the European round of Bocuse d’Or

My dear fans of food!

Small, but tasty miracles happen every day, everywhere, in family kitchens, in fancy restaurants.

We need food from one day to the next, in most unpoetic and unavoidable way.

One might therefore wonder why on earth cooking became an Art.

The art of food goes back roughly two million years. Since then, preparing food has allowed people to express their creativity and passion.

It took time to make the leap from cooking to gastronomy, which involves so much more:

The relationship between food and culture;

The art of preparing and serving delicate and appetizing food;

The cooking styles of particular regions; and the science of good eating.

Innumerable culinary styles exist in the world today, and Paul Bocuse’s idea of bringing together 24 young chefs from all over the globe to have them prepare live, in front of an enthusiastic audience, is a tribute to the world’s best chefs.

For the world’s chefs, it is the Olympics.

As Paul Bocuse once put it so simply himself. In a very humbling way: “Classique ou moderne, il n’y a qu’une seule cuisine… La Bonne.” 

He was so right! Global gastronomy exists on such a broad and colorful scale. Every country, each community has its own preferences and traditions – including by the way Estonia, which sits on the crossroads somewhere between Slavic, German and more and more Nordic tradition of food.

I wish all of you, who have taken part here, in the final of the European round the best of luck for the future. Only one will win tonight, but remember that success is not final and failure is not fatal!




The President of the Republic is on a working visit to France

Today, President Kersti Kaljulaid is on a working visit to France, where she will meet in Paris with the Director General of the International Energy Agency and the ambassadors of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. In addition, the Head of State will participate in a virtual discussion organised by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, that will focus on digital ID as an opportunity for recovery from the causes of the crown virus.



The visit of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev scheduled for today did not take place

The official visit of the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev to Estonia planned for today was canceled, as it became clear yesterday afternoon that the Bulgarian Head of State had been in contact with a COVID-19 positive before arriving in Estonia.

Once this information was receiced, all necessary measures were taken as is the common European practice these days. And for that reason the Bulgarian Head of State did not attend yesterday's dinner of the Three Seas Initative either. President Kaljulaid had a phone call with President Radev this morning and they both agreed that in these circumstances it was not not possible to hold any meetings.



President Kaljulaid discussed the achievements of the Three Seas Summit with the President of Poland

 President Kaljulaid discussed the achievements of the Three Seas Summit with the President of Poland

Today in Tallinn, President Kersti Kaljulaid met with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, who came to Estonia for the Three Seas Summit. The discussion focused on the outcome of the summit, bilateral relations between the two countries and co-operation in NATO.