At the e-Governance Conference “A Digital Decade in One Year”

At the e-Governance Conference “A Digital Decade in One Year”

Dear listeners in more than 130 countries.

I know many of you. Two years ago with our brothers and sisters of Smart Africa we agreed that in 10 years’ time – they said 5, but I said maybe more realistically 10 – I`ll be able to take my e-prescription from Estonia and use it in Kigali.

Since then I have upped my expectations. I now hope that in 5 years’ time every baby born globally will be registered directly into their government`s population registry simply by using their mothers or fathers mobile – it shouldn’t even be 5G or 4G, 3G would be enough.

Governments would stop losing their people simply because they don`t know who they are or where they are and how to make them feel part of the community, of their society.

That is my dream and COVID-19 pandemic has in many ways made this dream more globally understandable for leaders of rich, developed, aspiring nations, digital nations and nations afraid of digitalisation.

We now know how efficient new tools could be, but there is also one risk. In developed world, many services were rushed online without first creating the proper backbone. By which I mean digital identity and permissive legal environment which should make the system reliable, safe to use, and protect our data. I would advise everybody to go over their rapid developments and to be proud of the achievement that we have seen in the last year. But also to verify and cross-verify that they have built the system this way that people feel it safe to use it, governments can really rely on it and the data is not leaking. This is extremely important.

Estonia as a member of the UNSC feels responsible that if we promote e-governance, we should also promote protection of sovereignty which shouldn`t and cannot never be attacked through digital channels.

That is why we, together with our partners, raised discussion about the cyber-attack on Georgia at the UNSC level in order to start creating common law which would allow us in the future to also have the UN to turn to if our systems come under attack.

This way we can globally develop digital technological tools in order to make sure that our people can be part of the rapidly emerging global service economy.

We were used to global trade flow, this was taken from us. We have seen disruptions, regionalisation. Now it is time for the global services market. I want data systems which will allow the citizen of Tunisia, Fiji, Vanuatu to participate in the EU’s jobs market. To be bookkeepers, data analysts. We must create our digital systems and data clouds the way that they would be permissive and open to this kind of cooperation.




President Kaljulaid: The Three Seas Initiative has strengthened relations between Romania and Estonia

President Kaljulaid: The Three Seas Initiative has strengthened relations between Romania and Estonia

President Kersti Kaljulaid met today with President of Romania Klaus Werner Iohannis, who is on a state visit to Estonia, to discuss security matters, the Three Seas Initiative and defence, economic and digital cooperation.

President Kaljulaid highlighted the close cooperation between Estonia and Romania in the European Union, NATO, the UN and the Three Seas Initiative. “In recent years, cooperation between Estonia and Romania and communication between our countries and people have become much closer,” the head of state remarked. “One of the drivers of this has been the Three Seas Initiative, with which we are collectively seeking to turn the potential of Europe’s fastest-growing region in the energy, infrastructure and digital fields into economic growth. It also creates new possibilities for cooperation with our Eastern Partnership countries, with whom we share a common history. Ensuring functioning democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights and freedom of speech in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia alike is the responsibility of Europe as a whole, including us.”



The President of Romania is on a state visit to Estonia this week

Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis will be on a two-day state visit to Estonia on Wednesday, during which he will meet with Estonian heads of state, the mayor of Tallinn and visit the e-Estonia Presentation Center and HK Unicorn Squad.

The Romanian head of state will arrive in Estonia on Wednesday afternoon and begin his state visit to Kadriorg, where he will be greeted with a reception ceremony. This is followed by a meeting with President Kersti Kaljulaid, followed by a joint press conference. President Kaljulaid will also host a state dinner in honor of the Romanian Head of State.



President Kaljulaid: Estonia will gladly share our experiences in reforms and digital transition with Kosovo  

President Kaljulaid: Estonia will gladly share our experiences in reforms and digital transition with Kosovo   

President Kersti Kaljulaid met with the President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu today in Kadriorg. The Head of State of Kosovo is on a two-day visit to Estonia. President Kaljulaid assured that Estonia continues to support visa freedom between Kosovo and the European Union and is happy to share our experinces in conducting reforms, in EU integration and in conducting a digital transition.