Evelin Ilves at the annual conference of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in Copenhagen, 17 September 2014

Mr Executive President,
Madam Regional Director,
distinguished delegates,

Thank you for the opportunity to address the highest governing body of the WHO European region on this very important topic – food and nutrition and their effects on health, especially non-communicable diseases.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Regional Director for inviting me to contribute to the work the WHO European region does on NCDs. I am happy to be part of this hardworking team in my role as a Champion for Health.

When reading the Action Plan you are about to discuss, I was happy to see all of the important aspects of supporting healthy balanced nutrition included in it.

I would like to particularly highlight the importance of healthy food environment for children and establishing healthy nutritional habits already during childhood. For that, we need to ensure that messages of healthy nutrition and meals that the children receive at home and at kindergartens-schools are mutually supportive.

Three years ago I had the honour, together with Mrs Jakab to participate in a seminar organized by the Finnish Embassy in New York, where I described Estonia's experiences improving the quality of school meals. In many countries in our region we continue the tradition of serving a hot meal in school at mid-day. We must see school meals as an opportunity to develop a child's ability to make healthful food choices happily, not through coercion. During the last 8 years as spouse of the Estonian President, I have visited tens of Estonian schools. I have seen with my own eyes how in a small rural school for the same amount of money as in a large city school children are offered freshly baked bread, fresh salads, vegetables and meat from local farms, fresh fish. At the same time, in a city school children are given macaroni cooked into a mush along with heated up, industrially produced, ready-made food.



Evelin Ilves to participate in the annual conference of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe

Evelin Ilves to participate in the annual conference of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe

Evelin Ilves, who was named as a spokesperson on non-communicable diseases by the European headquarters of WHO this February, will take part in the WHO regional annual conference in Copenhagen.



School lunch cookbook by Evelin Ilves

School lunch cookbook by Evelin Ilves

Ajakirjade Kirjastus has published a cookbook compiled by Evelin Ilves and photographer Hele-Mai Alamaa entitled "Söögivahetund. Koolikokkadelt kodukööki" (Lunch Break. School Cooks for Home Kitchens).


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